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Unhatched – Overview

Written by Marcello TBL

Unhatched Puzzle game

Unhatched is a story driven card puzzler about dragons and adventures. Swipe your way through mind bending card based puzzles and solve the mystery of a very peculiar dragon egg!

Gameplay info

Unhatched is an innovative card puzzler, with light RPG elements and story that unfolds based on your choices and solved puzzles. It has:
– 20+ card based puzzles,
– No randomness, solve every puzzle with skill only,
– Unique mechanic, every card have different effects depending how you swipe it,
– Story that unfolds based on your choices and solved puzzles,
– No in-apps, no ads,
– One handed play,
– Adaptive difficulty. Stuck on a puzzle? It won’t stop your progress!


Key features

  • Card puzzles
  • Wholesome, funny stories
  • Offline games with no in-apps
  • Dragons!

About developer

Filip Loster is a 26-year-old game developer based in Krakow Poland.
Currently working in SUPER HOT, makes mobile games in his spare time.
He previously made Zombiebucket, GYRO and countless other game jam games.

You can check them all out on this rad website he made:

He teamed up with Karoll Sollich (Art) and Filip Żegleń (Audio) to create their first game together, Unhatched.

Release date & platform

Unhatched is already available on iOS, later on, android.


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