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Wanna Survive Overview

Help the survivors avoid permanent death through your decisions in combat and ration management in this new turn-based tactical game.

Wanna Survive Gameplay

A zombie apocalypse turn-based tactics game. It features a highly streamlined combat system that removes the tedious elements of turn-based combat for engaging fights against large groups of mob-like enemies that focuses on unit placement and synergies.
The game features a diverse cast of character as you make your way towards North City.

Background story

Basically, it is the usual story of zombies but each character will have his motive to go ahead and reach North City, in fact during the various missions different characters will join us with their own background and their own reasons for joining the group. We don’t want to make any kind of spoilers and leave the discovery to you.


Wanna Survive at first glance looks like a casual game but in reality, the turn-based mechanics go to marry perfectly with the zombies also guaranteeing a certain depth in the gameplay. We move in turns on grid maps. The turn of our characters alternates with that of the zombies. During our turn, we freely decide which character to move first depending on the strategy we want to apply.

Each character can make a move plus an action, except when grabbed by a zombie. In that case, we will have only one turn to free ourselves or we will suffer the attack. To free ourselves we can use either the character directly grabbed or use another character that can push the grabbed hero away, or he can kill the zombie somehow.

Wanna Survive Party member

Characters have special abilities like the boxer who can throw a zombie at a distance, the man with the shotgun that allows him to attack 3 squares with a single attack, or the dog with great mobility and the possibility of pulling a grabbed friend and so on.

at first glance looks like a casual game but in reality, the turn-based mechanics go to marry perfectly with the zombies also guaranteeing a certain depth in the gameplay.

Each map has a different goal that can be either to eliminate all the zombies, find some particular object or simply reach the escape route before being overwhelmed by zombies.

At the end of a mission, you will find yourself with all the characters around a fire and here we will have to decide who to give the few rations we have left, so we will always have to pay close attention to the stocks and try to recover as many as possible during the missions.

Wanna Survive Around Fire

During this phase, we will also be able to talk to all the characters and understand more about what happened to him and what his intentions are. During the various missions, we will find objects that once given to the interested people, will unlock new places with new missions on the map.

Key features

  • Streamlined turn-based tactical combat.
  • Fast, simultaneous enemy movement for a true zombie mob experience.
  • Challenging stages to test your tactical skills
  • Focus on unit synergies and placement.
  • Permanent death. Characters who die are gone for good.
  • Ration management. Choose carefully who gets to eat.
  • Delicious pixel art
Wanna Survive Map

About developer

Max Chen is a solo developer from Taiwan. He believes that the limitations of solo development can be utilized to bring out the strengths and personal touch of a game. He wishes to create enjoyable experiences that he can be proud of.

Release date & platforms

Wanna Survive is already available through Steam. Below you can find a promo video and their Steam page. To stay up to date subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Twitter.


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