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Dwindle Turn Based Android

A mobile game of vanishing options…

Dwindle is an abstract turn-based strategy game of vanishing options. Patience and foresight are both key factors. Each move reduces the set of possible future moves, hence the name. Plan your endgame carefully from the very beginning.

Gameplay info

Players take turns moving a shared location chit around a board covered in tiles. Each turn, a player must move onto a tile as governed by the shape of the board and the tile currently under the chit. When you move, the tile the chit was on before is removed from the game, meaning that options disappear over time, hence the name.

Players are knocked out when they are put in a position where they cannot move. This eliminates the landing tile and gives the next player a free pass to move anywhere on the board.

Key features

Dwindle has a multitude of features:

  • Several different levels of AI for single-player fun
  • Multiple boards for a variety of experiences
  • Anonymous multiplayer against a randomly-matched opponent
  • Custom multiplayer games between 2-6 friends
  • Offline multiplayer with push notifications when it’s your turn
  • Play anywhere – pause on your iPad and resume in a browser

About the developer

Hexagon Software is an indie game studio and software consulting firm led by one of its managing members, Max Guernsey, III. Max is a second-generation programmer who has had a passion for both programming and turn-based video games since he was very small.

Release date & platforms

May 27, 2019 – Android

October 1, 2019 – Self-Hosted Web

Dec 10, 2019 – Kongregate

May 28, 2020 – iOS


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