Sword of Convallaria

Sword of Convallaria – A worthy relative of Final Fantasy Tactics? – Preview

Rex PaperPrototypesPodcast

Sword of Convallaria is a tactical RPG and mercenary company manager with a self-described NeoPixel art style. Its combat is ...

Captain Velvet Meteor

One For the fans? Captain Velvet Meteor: The Jump+ Dimensions – Review

Charlie Norris

Shonen Jump has got to be one of the most recognisable manga publishers around. They are the company behind some ...

10 Awesome Tactical Strategy Games While Waiting For XCOM 3


XCOM: Enemy Unknown released all the way back 2012. XCOM 2 then released four years later in 2016. Then, XCOM: ...

Black Clover M Key Art

Black Clover M: Rise of the Wizard King Global Launch Soon


The long awaited turn-based RPG Black Clover M: Rise of the Wizard King will finally have its global launch on ...

The Best RPGs on Android and iOS Devices in 2023

Top Mobile Turn-Based RPGs To Play in 2023

Marcello TBL

Our Definitive List of RPGs with Turn-Based Mechanics Available on Android and iOS Devices Turn-based RPGs are one of the ...

Top Best Turn-Based RPGs and Strategy Games Releasing in October 2023 on PC & Consoles

Marcello TBL

We are in October, and it’s time to see everything that awaits us, lovers of turn-based games, in the month ...

SaGa Emerald Beyond New JRPG

SQUARE ENIX Announces SaGa Emerald Beyond: A New Chapter in the Beloved RPG Franchise

Marcello TBL

Saga Franchise Prepares to receive a new chapter on PC, Consoles, and Mobile SQUARE ENIX unveiled its latest RPG masterpiece, ...

Sword of Convallaria

Sword of Convallaria: A Fusion of Fire Emblem and Final Fantasy Tactics — Pre-Register Now!

Marcello TBL

The world of tactical fantasy RPGs is about to be revolutionized with the upcoming launch of Sword of Convallaria. This ...

Reverse: 1999

Time-Travel RPG Reverse: 1999 Soon on PC and Mobile

Marcello TBL

Bluepoch Games, a Chinese developer and publisher, have confirmed that Reverse: 1999 is set to break barriers, journey across continents, ...

Waven Tactical RPG

A new Tactical Multiplayer RPG from Dofus and Wakfu Devs

Marcello TBL

Waven is a new tactical RPG developed by Ankama, the same studio behind the popular MMOs DOFUS and WAKFU. The ...

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