Norse Mythology-Inspired Tactical Roguelite Ruadh: Warbands out of Early Access

Written by Marcello TBL

Ruadh: Warbands PC Game

Gather your party of champions from 5 different clans and fight your way across increasingly difficult hex-based battles in Ruadh: Warbands. 8 classes, 5 clans, and 150 upgrades for players’ warbands in the full version now available on Pc via Steam.

Overview via Steam, screens and, my Gameplay First Look Video.

‘Ruadh: Warbands’ is a tactical, turn-based roguelite that invites players into the world of Ruadh – a gritty fantasy setting inspired by Norse mythology. Gather warriors from the five clans, travel the land, manage your warband, and fight through increasingly powerful enemies to rid the island of a lurking threat.

Key Features:

Easy to learn: You can move and attack, that’s it.
Mind-bogglingly deep: You can choose from 8 classes, 5 clans and 150 upgrades, which can be freely combined with each other, giving you an almost infinite choice of gameplay possibilities.
No Surrender: You will die. A lot. But you’ll also get to unlock amazing new classes, clans and upgrades in order to aid you in your quest to safe Ruadh from a lurking threat!
Gorgeous 2D Graphics: I mean, look at it!
Immersive Music: A series of atmospheric soundtracks invite you into the world of Ruadh!


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