Official Untamed Tactics Gameplay Trailer from PC Gaming Show

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Untamed Tactics

The anthropomorphic turn-based tactical RPG Untamed Tactics shows itself in a new gameplay trailer. Developer Grumpy Owl Games is working on a story-narrative RPG that puts players in the shoes of Greycoat as he recalls past events and unfolds the future. Featuring an excellent Parley system and solid mechanics you’d expect from a tactics RPG. – Here is my demo gameplay

Untamed tactics is a PC game expected to be released in Q2 2023 on Steam. The gameplay Trailer and info about the game are below.

Untamed Tactics is a narrative-driven turn-based RPG set in the universe of Untamed Feral Factions card game where you play through the memories of the retired rabbit general Greycoat – a disgraced soldier to become the leader of free animals and their hometown.
Along with his crewmates fox Lynn and chameleon Mortimer, Greycoat is stepping into the primal land of the Wilds – a beautiful yet dangerous world ruled by its own laws and customs.

Together your team will fight, think and talk their way through various linear and procedural tactical encounters, finding unlikely allies and fighting foes, old and new.
Each chapter of this story is a self-contained tactical adventure in a colorful isometric 2D world of anthropomorphic animals. Choose your party, equip yourself in the Camp and set out into the Wilds. Gather Echoes to unlock more loot, characters and permanent upgrades for your next story


Tactical combat
Smart Power management and far-sighted positioning will be your key to victory. Push your enemies into toxic ooze, leverage the power of shrines and use the environment to your advantage!

Highly replayable
Explore a wide range of strategies, combos and character builds. The procedural world keeps constantly changing with rotations of battle maps, new difficulty modes bring extra challenges for the foolhardy, while streamlined systems allow for players of various skill levels to join the fray!

Hand-drawn colorful world
Bright and colorful hand-drawn 2D world with anthropomorphic animals based on the universe of Untamed Feral Factions card game.

Parley with foes
The Parley feature allows you to negotiate with your enemies during combat. Use your deck of Parley cards to unlock special effects that can change the tide of battle!

Discover a story
Join Greycoat in his adventures, and meet a diverse cast of colorful characters to ally or do battle with! Help Greycoat regain his honor by confronting the past, and the many threats of the Wilds.


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