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Path of the Djinn – Upcoming Desert Themed Roguelike Adventure

Written by VeryWetLeaf

Path of the Djinn, Key Art

Ukrainian studio Fioretto Studios are proud to present their upcoming desert themed roguelike, Path of the Djinn. The game’s desert theme isn’t only for aesthetic purposes as its setting will also pose some challenging mechanics. The game is currently being developed for PC with an estimated release date of Q4 2024.

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About Path of the Djinn

The last surviving human clans endure a nomadic existence fraught with hardship. As generations passed, the history of Samsara faded into oblivion. Driven by desire to reclaim its powers, a long forgotten dark Djinn resurfaces. Fight your way through the scorching desert of Samsara and stop the Djinn in this roguelike adventure! Save water, build your deck, and enhance your party through the game’s unique skill perk system. Path of the Djinn has three core pillars: the skill perk system, travel cards, and water, needed to survive. You’ll need to achieve a fine balance among these to get through the desert and stop the Djinn.


  • Lead a party of fighters of the desert clans: the Crab, the Ammonite, and the Turtle
  • Enhance the skills of your fighters through the game’s skill perk system, leading to emerging behavior and radical changes
  • Assemble a deck of travel cards to influence the locations of your journey
  • Search long-forgotten ruins or explore sky-high canyons, but beware: the Djinn’s minions are looking for you…
  • Collect and save water, you might need it while delving into a cave, or for mere survival
  • Engage in turn-based battles to thwart the Djinn’s plans and uncover the mysteries of the desert of Samsara
  • Experience a unique adventure with each run, thanks to the combination of fighters, travel cards, and skill perks!



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