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The Last Flame – Upcoming Roguelike Auto-Battler Planned For Release Around January 2024

Written by VeryWetLeaf

The Last Flame, Key Art

The turn-based genre taps into a wide variety of game designs. From the classic turn-based mechanics, to turn-based tactics, to even Active-Time-Battles. Auto-battlers, in this case, are one of the distant neighbors of turn-based with a combat scope of the bigger picture in army vs army battles, rather than the typical in the moment style combat of most turn-based games. The Last Flame by solo developer Hotloop is one such game.

The game is planned for release around January 2024 on PC via Steam. A demo is also currently available and a planned prologue version to be released on the January 8th, 2024.

About The Last Flame

The Last Flame is a roguelike auto-battler which focuses on build creation, strategy and decision making. Every run, you will create amazing builds to progress through the ascension difficulties or attempt to beat your high score in the endless mode! Recruit special heroes, fight deadly encounters, loot and craft powerful gear, discover and create unique synergetic builds!


    Assemble a team of unique heroes with distinct abilities to lead you to victory. With over 55 heroes, 250 items, 120 relics, and 55 origins, there are thousands of synergistic builds to discover.
    Face off against deadly foes in epic battles that will test your strategy. Turn the tides of battles by aptly positioning your heroes to outmaneuver lethal encounters. 
    The Last Flame features challenging gameplay that rewards clever decision-making. Manage your resources, make strategic choices, and lead your heroes to victory with tactical thinking. 



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