Simulation JRPG Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story 2 Slated for June Launch

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Valthirian Arc 2

The much-awaited RPG and simulation sequel, Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story 2, is poised to make its grand entrance this summer. Set to launch on June 22nd, this highly anticipated sequel, developed in collaboration with UK-based company PQube and developer Agate, will be accessible on platforms such as PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Steam.

With its successful predecessor, Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story, having already enthralled players worldwide, the second installment promises an immersive, fantasy-rich experience filled with dragons and epic battles.

Valthirian Arc 2

About Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story 2

In the world of Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story 2, one will navigate a complex narrative that unravels the shocking reality of an ancient dragon’s awakening, causing chaos in the fragmented realm of Valthiria. Here, the player steps into the shoes of an academy headmaster, whose responsibilities include building and managing a hero school and cultivating a conducive environment for nurturing future heroes.

The task of curating a versatile curriculum for a dynamic student roster falls upon the player, who must balance their pupils’ time across various classes, ultimately shaping them into the heroes needed in Valthiria. The player’s leadership skills will significantly impact the students’ performance in quests and their overall demeanor.

In the face of strategic, turn-based combat, the player must carefully select their party for each quest, thereby providing students with in-field experience by confronting Valthiria’s fiercest monsters. Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story 2 also offers a collection of engaging mini-games, encompassing swimming, fishing, eating, and snowman-building competitions to be enjoyed throughout the academic year.

The narrative of Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story 2 unfolds as an ancient dragon, long in slumber, awakens to sow chaos across Valthiria. Here, as an academy headmaster, the player faces the challenge of reviving a disgraced academy while rallying the conflicting kingdoms of Valthiria against the dragon threat.

As the academy’s head, the player wields the power to construct a campus, encouraging growth, discovery, and achievement among their students. From state-of-the-art training facilities to enchanting libraries, it is the player’s responsibility to create an awe-inspiring academy.

Furthermore, the player tailors a curriculum that caters to each student’s unique potential, be it strength, magic, divine abilities, or an affinity for arcwork. The player’s guidance will directly influence their student’s quest performance.

The player will also lead their students into heart-stopping, strategic, turn-based combat against Valthiria’s formidable beasts. In this aspect, the player must choose wisely from their roster of extraordinary scholars, each boasting unique skills and abilities. The player will also engage with the community, fostering positive relationships through quests and internships.

To secure a copy of this captivating sequel, one can now pre-order physical editions of Valthirian Arc Hero School Story 2 for PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch. Below an overview of the game via Steam and my Gameplay First Look.

Valthiria’s mightiest heroes are not born of destiny or prophecy. They were enrolled, trained and taught in special academies. Hero School Story 2 places you in charge of a hero academy to create the next generation of heroes who will save Valthiria from the dark forces that threaten it. Take command of the faculty, nurture a unique and ever-changing roster of students, forge alliances with the kingdoms who vie for influence and earn your place among the most prestigious Hero Schools in Valthiria.

Combining the RPG and Simulation genres, in Hero School Story 2 you will manage your students by determining their learning schedules and courses, building their stats and skills to shape them into the heroes you desire. These stats are key when sending your students to fulfill quests from people all over Valthiria, defeating various enemies in strategic turn-based combat and adding to your academy’s renown. Yet there’s no time to rest on laurels – every school year the seniors will graduate and freshmen will enroll, so managing your academy to fit the dynamic roster of students is crucial.

  • Create Your Own Hero AcademyAs Principal of the academy, your task is to allocate your students what classes and courses to learn, shaping them into the heroes you want them to become. Will you focus on magical courses and become a school of great wizards, one for mighty warriors, or perhaps a bit of everything? Your management style will determine the kind of quests you can take – as enemies are locks to students’ keys, fulfilling harder quests will require build specific rosters to solve these challenges. 
  • Plan, Forecast, Execute, RepeatForesight and strategic turn-by-turn decisions are critical to succeed in our unique turn-based combat system. Built around class-based proficiencies and breaking enemy weaknesses, players are rewarded both for bringing an optimal team composition and taking calculated risks in combat. Whether playing it safe or taking the gung-ho way, it’s up to you how to solve the challenges presented. 
  • Manage a Dynamic Student RosterDespite the lure to focus on caring and honing just the best students, as a Principal it is your duty to ensure that every children taken under the wings of your academy thrive. Students will stay for only three years before they must graduate, and every one of them will affect your academy’s reputation (which will deter gifted students to enroll next year!). So manage your whole student roster well, as focusing on just a select few individuals may gimp you when they inevitably leave the school grounds, as you will be left with those less cared for.

We’ve updated the development roadmap that would help us set the target for future updates until the full release. As you all probably know, our first few updates have added new champions, dungeons, several new gameplay features, and much-needed extracurricular activities for the students. Up for a quick dip in the river, anyone?

But we digress. You can expect this roadmap to act as pointers to what we’re currently working on for future updates. We aim to add new content (that you can check out below) in each update until the full release of Valthirian Arc: Hero School Story 2.


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