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Skid to Victory in Death Roads: Tournament Ready to Hit Steam In Early Access

Written by Marcello TBL

Death Roads Tournament

Death Roads: Tournament is set to hit Steam on March 28th, 2023 in early access on PC. This unique game combines deadly racing, deckbuilding, and roguelite-style gameplay to create a thrilling and dynamic experience.

Death Roads: Tournament

In Death Roads: Tournament, players must choose their driver, car, weapons, and sponsors to overcome tactical encounters and adapt to an ever-changing race to earn entry into the last safe haven on the Divided States of America. Failure is not an option, as players must eliminate everyone in their path to claim the highest prize.

The game’s turn-based gameplay allows players to use cards not just for shooting other cars, but also to move around the board and take a better position. The higher the gear, the more powerful the cards become, but players must also learn to use skids to their advantage. Collecting car parts from enemies and installing them in your ride to get different cards adds an additional layer of strategy to the game.

With stylized graphics reflecting the thrilling race, Death Roads: Tournament promises to be an unforgettable gaming experience. Don’t miss your chance to master turn-based battles with road events, unlock various cars and characters with special weapons, build card decks based on swapping around car parts, and progress across a nonlinear world map. Get ready to hit the road on March 28th!

Check out our overview video below.


Death Roads: Tournament proves that you can combine car battles with cards and turn-based gameplay. Jump into a crazy competition where your future is at stake. Eliminate everyone in your path to claim the highest prize. Failure is out of the question or you will have to start all over again!

Before you start the rampage, choose your driver and his car. You will get your ride with the starting card set. Then pick a sponsor who will determine the starting point on the map. Decide carefully, because you can’t change this later!

Cards aren’t just for shooting other cars. Use them to move around the board and take a better position. Play smart – avoid the obstacles and don’t get pushed out of the way. Or play hard – you can always just crash into your opponent!

Remember to shift gears while driving. The higher your gear, the more powerful cards are, but also the greater penalty when you skid. Learn to use it to your advantage. With a little practice, you can skid to win!

Collect car parts from enemies and install them in your ride to get different cards! Test new weapons, engines and wheels to surprise your rivals and help you win. Complete the deck to make deadly combinations.

Each skirmish brings you closer to winning, so never slow down, just rush forward. Remember that Death Roads is a race that is easy to lose. Then you will have to start your journey all over again. Don’t worry, what you unlock along the way is yours to keep!

  • Master turn-based battles with road events.
  • Unlock various cars and characters with special weapons.
  • Build card decks based on swapping around car parts.
  • Progress across a nonlinear world map.
  • Vibe with stylized graphics reflecting a thrilling race.


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