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Songs of Conquest: 2023 Roadmap Revealed

Written by Marcello TBL

Songs of Conquests

Songs Of Conquest, the strategy RPG developed by Lavapotion, has announced its 2023 roadmap which outlines the journey from its current early access stage to the full version 1.0 release in the autumn. The game will be getting a host of new features and improvements, including a finalized map editor, new maps, campaigns, and units, a co-op skirmish mode, and regular AI improvements.

The most significant additions are the inclusion of two new campaignsBarony Of Loth, set to arrive in the spring, and the Barya campaign, planned for release in the autumn. These new campaigns will bring the total number of campaigns to four. Additionally, the game will also feature a new ‘Battlegrounds’ mode, which will allow players to jump straight into turn-based battles without having to go through the kingdom management and building parts of the game.

Lavapotion is also planning to keep the game fresh with a random map generator and by continuing to refine its map editor so players can create their own campaigns. The developers have stated that the roadmap is a living document, meaning that more features and improvements may be added as they move forward towards the full release.

Below the latest Road Map video from devs and here the Steam page where you can get the game with a 33% discount.


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