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10 Promising Indie Turn-Based Games

As Turn-Based enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the future of gaming, it’s clear that there are a plethora of promising titles on the horizon. From first-time developers to seasoned veterans, the turn-based genre is set to receive a host of new and exciting games.

Whether you’re a fan of epic space battles, traditional dungeon crawls, or magical princesses, there’s something for everyone in the upcoming lineup. So make sure to keep an eye on these titles by wishlisting and following them. The developers will appreciate the support and will know that their hard work is being eagerly anticipated. Let us know in the comments which upcoming turn-based games you’re most excited to play!

Stellar Sovereigns

Stellar Sovereigns

Indie developer Imagined Reality is coming in hot with an ambitious game that asks, “What if Total War met Stellaris?” With turn-based empire management interspersed with real-time fleet battles, Stellar Sovereigns is set to provide an explosive answer to that question.

Whether you prefer the trade and exploration elements of a space 4X or want to send your ships out to conquer in your name, Stellar Sovereigns promises plenty to do as you build an empire all your own. It’s not a game we’ll have to wait for, either – it’s expected to release in the next few months. If you can’t wait, an early-access version is available on itch.io.

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Once Upon a Dungeon 2

Once Upon a Dungeon 2

The original Once Upon A Dungeon blended old-school fantasy exploration with roguelike gameplay, and the upcoming sequel promises more monsters and more ways to defeat them! As it turns out, your hero didn’t completely vanquish evil the last time, so now it’s back into the dungeon to finish the job once and for all.

This loot-centric hack-and-slash feels a bit like an indie, turn-based Diablo. It enters early access later this year, and a free demo is currently available to play. Plus, there’s always the first game, if you haven’t played it yet!

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VOLOT: Red Odyssey

Volot Tcatical Strategy Game

The hex-based mecha battler boasts an intriguing plot – with the destruction of the sun in 1980, the Soviet Union desperately sends experimental ships into space in search of a new home. The player commands one of these ships, using repurposed weapons to equip mechs and explore new planets.

Like any good mech game, loadout is everything. Swap parts and weapons to improve and specialize your Volots, and defeat any who stand in your way. The game also hints that there is a traitor on the ship as well – we’ll have to find out when VOLOT enters early access.

Wishlist VOLOT: Red Odyssey on Steam

Spirit Interlude

Spirit Interlude

For a brief period, it seemed like autobattlers were going to be the next huge wave in competitive gaming. While they haven’t completely turned the industry around the way they seemed poised to back in 2019 or so, they’re still great fun. Spirit Interlude adds an extra layer by requiring players to divide their team between attack and defense each round.

Boing Boing Games seems to intend that their first title be a relaxing single-player experience, so don’t expect to be climbing leaderboards with this one. What you can expect, though, are some lovely environments and satisfying gameplay. We look forward to trying Spirit Interlude when it launches later this year.

Wishlist Spirit Interlude on Steam

Forgotten Mines

Forgotten Mines

Forgotten Mines brings the small-map tactical gameplay of Into The Breach into a traditional fantasy setting. Players command a squad of dwarves seeking to reclaim their mines from the monsters the lurk in the depths. Each map is a single-screen battle, but there are environmental effects and challenges to overcome in each pixelated skirmish!

If you like games that are simple to learn but challenging to master, Forgotten Mines will be a great choice. Try the demo for free, and be ready when developer Cannibal Goose’s debut title gets a release date.

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Voyna Pc Game

Early-access title Voyna takes novel approach to its story campaign. Leading the forces of powerful AIs in the Virtual Holy Wars, you’ll progress through the story by battling other players. While PVP isn’t for everyone, Voyna has an original world that looks promising to explore regardless.

While it’s not complete, an early-access version of Voyna is playable right now. The best way to understand the game is to give it a try – this could be the kind of title that develops a cult following when it’s finished.

Wishlist Voyna on Steam

Carnival of Gods: Oppression

Carnival of Gods

Carnival Of Gods is a turn-based tactical dungeon crawler with lots of replayability and, from the looks of it, some dangerous bosses. Each time you start a new game, a random world will be generated. From there, you’ll race to stop the return of the Tyrant God – all in a day’s work, right?

Infinite Worlds Studios brought Carnival Of Gods, their first game, to early access in November, and they hope to launch the full version by the end of 2023. If you’re looking for indie fantasy adventure, look no further!

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A treat for sci-fi fans, Miramar looks to be a mashup of Aliens and Darkest Dungeon. With a squad of marines and whatever equipment they can carry, you’ll investigate the disappearance of a space colony. Considering most of the screenshots include battle scenes against giant acid-spitting bugs, our guess is that the mission doesn’t go well.

If you’re into roguelike RPGs, you’ll probably want to check out Miramar when it launches. Appropriately, it’s currently scheduled to release on Halloween 2023.

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LunarLux is a promising new JRPG from CosmicNobab Games. Its art style is a throwback to classic games in the genre, but the modern UI and detailed character illustrations keep the game firmly in the 21st century. This is a game with serious heart, and the demo leaves us eager for the full game.

LunarLux is listed as coming soon, so hopefully we’ll see it later this year. In the meantime, be sure to try the free demo!

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The Land Beneath Us

The Land Beneath Us

Roguelike dungeon crawlers can be grim affairs; players control a band of rough-around the edges heroes, more than likely leading them to their ignoble deaths. The Land Beneath Us takes a different approach, putting players in control of a robot imbued with godly power! Of course, the enemies are similarly powered-up, but even if you fail a run you’ll still get to pull off lots of cool moves on the way.

Developer FairPlay Studios clearly had the idea that games should be fun at the core of their philosophy when designing The Land Beneath Us. It’s silly, irreverent, and above all challenging. There’s no word yet on when it is expected to release, but we’re willing to wait.

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