Yggdra Union: The GBA Classic Strategy Game Heads on PC

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Yggdra Union

The GBA classic strategy game Yggdra Union is making its way to the PC. Developer Sting announced that the turn-based strategy RPG will be available on Steam on February 6, 2023. Originally released for the Game Boy Advance in 2006, Yggdra Union is a top-down strategy game that has players mix and combine formations called unions to defeat enemies. The game has previously received a PlayStation Portable port, but has yet to be released on mobile or Switch platforms in North America.

The Steam version of the game will feature full English support for the interface, audio, and subtitles. It will also be released in Early Access, allowing the development team to fix bugs and make adjustments based on player feedback. The game will be “playable until the ending of the story” and the price may change after Early Access.

The Steam version will also include new features such as an autosave function and rewind function, allowing players to undo actions. The Japanese and English voice cast can be easily swapped and there are additional settings for Easy mode. The game will be a perfect blend of modern functionality and accessibility, making it appealing to both new and long-time fans of tactics and strategy games.

While Yggdra Union may not be as well-known as other strategy games, it is exciting to see it make the jump to Steam. This could be a great opportunity to preserve the game for future generations and introduce it to new players. The Steam version of the game will also be compatible with the Steam Deck, turning it into a handheld PC experience. Get ready to experience the epic journey of Yggdra Union on your PC on February 6.


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