Songs of Silence: Epic Fantasy Battles Await in New Gameplay Trailer

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Songs of Silence

Strategy game enthusiasts, brace yourselves for an all-new adventure! Chimera Entertainment has unveiled a thrilling gameplay trailer for their upcoming story-rich strategy game, Songs of Silence. Witness epic battles, explore varied factions, and immerse yourself in the wondrous world that makes up its campaign. Plus, the Closed Beta is now live! Sign up here to request access.

Dive into the World of Songs of Silence

Experience the Closed Beta Today!

Eager to play Songs of Silence? The game is currently holding its first Closed Beta. Join the Discord to participate, and you’ll get access to a secret channel. For more details, check out the FAQ.

Gameplay Features

Songs of Silence offers a unique blend of turn-based kingdom management, exploration, hero development, and intense real-time battles. Set in two distinct fantasy worlds threatened by the all-devouring Silence, the game promises a fresh take on strategy gaming.

Key Features:

  1. Single-Player Campaign & Competitive Multiplayer Modes: Engage in a rich story or challenge others in thrilling battles.
  2. Real-Time Battles: Unleash your armies and support them with powerful combat spells. Engagements are decisive and last around a minute!
  3. Deep Customization: With over 100 different units, construct your very own army.
  4. Unique Card System: Cards represent unique actions granted by heroes and locations, offering nearly limitless options.
  5. Legendary Soundtrack: Composed by Hitoshi Sakimoto, known for scoring Final Fantasy Tactics, Final Fantasy 12, and Valkyria Chronicles.

A Word from the Game Director

Alexander Kehr, Songs of Silence Game Director at Chimera Ent., expressed excitement about the game’s richness and beauty and the scale of its wars. Players can construct their militia, level up their armies, and play their cards right to win the epic campaign. Try the first couple of hours of Songs of Silence in the Closed Beta now!

Songs of Silence

Beta Modes

The Songs of Silence Beta offers two different modes:

  • Story-Driven Single-Player Campaign: Follow a young queen in search of a safe haven for her people.
  • Solo PvE Mode: Play on skirmish maps against the AI, exploring the world and game mechanics at your own pace.

Three biomes are available in the Beta – The Light Side, The Dark World, and the Silence, each with unique landscapes, factions, armies, and challenges. Test the 1000 Kingdoms faction and access dozens of various units to construct your armies.

About Chimera Entertainment

Chimera Entertainment, founded in 2006, is known for bringing deep RPG gameplay to the Angry Birds franchise. Chimera’s success is undeniable with over 100 million downloads worldwide for Angry Birds Epic. Currently, the team is working on Songs of Silence, a new strategy title for PC and consoles.


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