Sovereign Syndicate: A Brand New CRPG Game in 2023 You Need To Wishlist Now!

Written by Ramesses


I discovered Sovereign Syndicate when I was searching for brand-new CRPG games, and it seems we may be onto a winner here. This Victorian Steampunk game is proving to be quite the story-filled, rich content game that players of Pillars of Eternity II, Pathfinder, and Disco Elysium will be familiar with. This demo is but a taste of what is to come.

This is my humble spotlight and I give you my reasons as to why you need to wishlist it. This world is graphically gorgeous, and stunning at the same time. From the outset, this is an open world set in the Victorian era. It’s steampunk? That’s also fantastic because I believe it is an under-utilized setting, especially for CRPGs.

I also feel that other parts of the world in the Victorian Era in a Steampunk setting are rarely explored either. The dialogue in this game immerses you into the world with mysteries, tails of turmoil, discreetness, political shadiness and so much more.

You investigate the stories, interact with the characters in this vibrant yet grim-dark world, and you will use your skills to level up without having the need for random stat points. You will also have to trust the fates to trust in the unique tarot card chance system that is being developed at play.

The game promises turn-based combat that will be familiar with Disco Elysium, but it will go in a way where it is combat-lite rather than the traditional approach of having combat-heavy CRPGs. With regard to skills, you will choose them and learn more about the world. You master the skills you need, and if you ignore other skills, they will stagnate. All of this allows you to unlock special dialogue and skill-check options. You’ll go to Opium dens, back alleys, docks, etc. You name it. You will forge your own path.

You can learn more about it by watching my preview below.


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