Space Invaders meets Slay the Spire and Into the Breach in Roguelite Star★Vaders

Written by Marcello TBL

Star Vaders Roguelite

Star★Vaders, a cutting-edge, futuristic roguelike deckbuilder, has revolutionized the classic game Space Invaders with its latest tactical upgrade. Developed by Mecha Armor, Star★Vaders offers players an exhilarating experience as they navigate intense battles against swarms of aliens.

Star Vaders

Drawing inspiration from acclaimed titles such as Slay the Spire, Into the Breach, and the iconic Space Invaders, Star★Vaders merges turn-based strategy with fast-paced action. Players must strategically construct powerful synergies to overcome increasingly formidable encounters while carefully managing their mecha unit’s heat energy, which escalates with each card played. The ultimate goal is to build a sustainable deck brimming with mecha upgrades and weapons.

As part of the highly anticipated Tacticon Steam Festival, Star★Vaders has launched an extended demo, exclusively available during the event. This demo encompasses all three acts of the game, featuring hundreds of cards, a choice of three unique characters, and countless hours of unlockable upgrades. It offers players an immersive glimpse into the thrilling world of Star★Vaders.

Distinguished by its polished anime-inspired art style, Star★Vaders has already captured the attention of influencers and received accolades. One influential voice in the gaming community, Retromation, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “I haven’t been this impressed by a deckbuilder in a bit!”

Star Vaders Gameplay

While the extended demo provides a substantial playable experience, the developers have exciting plans for the Early Access version. Anticipated additions include an expanded array of encounters, additional classes, more pilot options, event rooms, and a captivating ‘secret’ act 4 finale.

Star★Vaders is slated for release in the fourth quarter of 2023, with an official release date soon to be announced. Below an overview via Steam and Teaser Trailer.

ABOUT Star★Vaders

Mecha roguelike-deckbuilding tactical shoot-em-up! Upgrade your deck with impactful cards and master the deep and crunchy turn-based tactics to save the future of humanity in Star★Vaders!

A fusion of Slay the SpireInto the Breach, and Space Invaders (?!), Star★Vaders is a thrilling turn-based strategy game in which you pilot a mecha armor to fight swarms of alien invaders in a rogue-lite campaign of grid-based tactical card battles.

Execute Devastating Chain Reactions & Combos!

Zip around the skies and blow up the alien invaders with bombs and cards in the deep and crunchy grid based shoot-em-up combat!

Build Your Own Playstyle!

Power up your mecha with hundreds of exciting new cards, meaningful upgrades and game-changing artifacts.

Master the Fast-Paced Roguelite Campaign!

Create powerful synergies to overcome the increasingly challenging encounters! But do not despair if you fail – you can always jump back in time and try again!

Unlock Deep Meta-Progression!

Discover dark pasts and hidden strengths of the game’s multiple diverse protagonists, each with their own unique mechanics and distinct card pools!


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