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Spacern Tales – Upcoming Turn-Based Space Odyssey From A Solo Developer

Written by VeryWetLeaf

Spacern Tales, Key Art

Imagine, one day you suddenly won the lottery. But then you can only exchange it from the far side of the galaxy? That’s exactly the premise for Spacern Tales, a solo developed hobby project by, well… Spacern Tales. As you know, game development isn’t an easy job let alone a hobby. That makes self made indie games, especially those that actually gets released, all the more impressive.

So if you’re a fan of indie deving and you fancy supporting indie devs check out Spacern Tales on Steam and leave a Wishlist if you’re interested.

About Spacern Tales


Spacern Tales is a turn-based tactical strategy powered by Unity.

After enduring hard times, you have finally gotten lucky and won on a galaxy scratch card. However, the hardest part is getting to the exchange point. Your adventure begins there: protect your company, defeat space pirates and enemies!

The upcoming game will endeavor to return to its roots, uncovering and acquiring the legacies left behind by others. In this game, tactical strategy doesn’t mean to locate the powerful but simple enemies or hostages on an enormous map.


  • Old-fashioned gameplay where players should feel connected to the crew members, but sometimes, decisions have to be made regarding who is expendable.
  • Varieties, variety of spaceships, species and characters. Different groups of enemies will act differently and fight itself will impact enemy team’s strategy.
  • Players should strategize the order in which they eliminate enemies. Fun. …
Spacern Tales – Steam Store



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