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Momon: Relic Seekers, Key Art

Roguelikes is a genre that’s been steadily growing in popularity ever since Slay The Spire. The game’s popularity spawned a myriad of card roguelikes and more are still being developed to this day. However, currently the genre is filled with games that feature darker themes. So games such as Momon: Relic Seekers offer a nice change of pace. Aside from that is the added potential of the game to cater to younger audiences.

Momon: Relic Seekers is turn-based card roguelite, set in the fictional universe known as Tsuki’s World. The game was made by Azul Games, a small indie studio consisting of three developers. Releasing last year in the 8th of December, the game is now available for PC via Steam.

About Momon: Relic Seekers


Momon: Relic Seekers is a card battle game with roguelite elements, which takes place in the Tsuki universe. Help Tsuki recover her world, collect the relics, build your deck and fight monsters with the help of your Momons.

Tsuki’s world is falling apart due to an event caused by Amaterasuna’s corruption and only the relics are capable of recovering it. Help Tsuki recover the relics that were scattered across different worlds populated by monsters and evil creatures.


  • Build your deck: Combine cards with different elements and characteristics to create your combos and get the best result.
  • Battle with cards: Fight against monsters from different worlds using magic cards with different abilities.
  • Collect the Relics: Explore six diverse worlds with procedural generation elements to collect the relics that have been scattered.
  • Momons: Discover and collect new momons, cute magical creatures that help Tsuki on her journey with their magical abilities.
  • Discover: Decide your route with each journey, discover new momons, cards and events that can bring benefits, collectibles or harm your journey.
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