Terror: Endless Night – New Strategy Survival Game

Written by Marcello TBL

Terror Endless Night

This unique mix of turn-based strategy and survival horror puts you in the boots of a captain managing an ice-trapped ship.


Terror: Endless Night on Steam

What will you do when the food starts running out, officers begin to mutiny, and insanity, death, and terror start spreading on your deck? What’s more important, the good of many or the needs of one? How ought you to punish the poor souls who tried escaping the endless night on their own — or should you at all?

A breath of fresh air in the survival horror and strategy genres, Terror: Endless Night casts you in the role of the commander of a 19th-century relief expedition whose ship is trapped in the Arctic ice. Managing dwindling resources is the least of your problems once a perpetual night descends on your crew, drawing them slowly into the clutching embrace of insanity.

Terror: Endless Night is based on real-life events. In 1845, two English ships, the HMS Erebus and HMS Terror embarked on a scientific expedition to the Arctic under the command of Sir John Francis. When they vanished without a trace, a series of relief expeditions commenced. As the commander of one of those, you must learn the truth about Franklin’s voyage and find out what happened on the Erebus.

In Terror: Endless Night you can:

????manage your ship
????enact new laws
????make difficult moral choices
????come face to face with horror and insanity
????please the eye of the hand drawing, gloomy illustrations

Terror: Endless Night is developed by two indie companies. Pixel Crow, Polish gamedev veterans, best known from BeatCop game. And Unseen Silence Games, a Warsaw-based new and young team. The game will be published by Movie Games, the company with a track record in releasing horror games – Lust for Darkness, Lust from Beyond, and The Beast Inside.

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