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The Captain will Die on Stardate 2021.32

Written by Marcello TBL

The Captain is Dead PC Game

Space. The final frontier. You know how it goes… but do you really?

…because this time The Captain is Dead!

Digital board game specialists, Thunderbox Entertainment, have officially confirmed that the PC and Mac versions of retro sci-fi, survival strategy game, The Captain is Dead, will be blasting off on Stardate 2021.32 … also known to you puny Earthlings as February the 1st (assuming you’re using the Kelvin Timeline system … not the original one… or Next Generation… man, this space calendar stuff is confusing!)

Defend the Ship

Featuring an intrepid crew of space explorers, who are facing certain doom at the tentacles of an unknown alien menace, The Captain is Dead puts you in charge of the ship as you try to save everyone from a murderous end in the icy depths of space.

The game’s colorful, retro aesthetic will make you feel like you’ve beamed right into the original board game, which has some of the craziest art in the cosmos. And the electro-synth beats of Occam’s Laser, dynamically remixed according to how doomed you are, will get you hyped to kick alien butt.

…assuming the aliens actually have butts in the first place!

The Captain is Dead will also be available on your mobile communications device… so keep a hailing frequency open on Discord for more launch date news.

In the meantime, lay in a course for the Steam system, where you can try out the free demo, and engage your wishlist tractor beam, because, come Stardate 2021.32, there’s sure to be a launch discount that even the Grand Nagus of Ferenginar wouldn’t want to miss!


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