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Aeon Trespass Odyssey

Today, we’re shaking things up on Turn Based Lovers by diving headfirst into the world of board games. And what better way to make a grand entrance than by talking about Aeon Trespass: Odyssey? This massive campaign game, developed by the brilliant minds at Into the Unknown, is a true masterpiece that seamlessly blends elements from video games and Greek mythology into a singular experience that’s both complex and deeply satisfying.

Aeon Trespass Odyssey

Picture this: you and up to three friends embarking on a journey of epic proportions, exploring uncharted territories, building a base to call your own, and engaging in tactical battles against enormous monsters. With over 200 hours of unique gameplay content (yes, you read that right!), 1500+ cards, and an engrossing narrative that rivals a full-length novel, Aeon Trespass is genuinely a one-of-a-kind board game that will keep you coming back for more.

About Aeon Trespass: Odyssey

Aeon Trespass: Odyssey, is an impressive project crafted over three years. This epic adventure game offers an immersive experience for 1-4 players, combining elements of exploration, base building, and tactical battles against monstrous creatures. With over 200 hours of gameplay content (including 1500+ cards), a detailed narrative, and stunning miniatures, this fully cooperative board game is designed to be played over multiple sessions.

Aeon Trespass: Odyssey sets itself apart with its unique blend of influences from video games like XCOM, Dark Souls, and Monster Hunter, as well as the JRPG genre, seamlessly integrated with modern tabletop board games such as KDM or 7th Continent. Players are presented with a choice-driven game that offers a new experience each time, making every playthrough a fresh and thrilling journey.

In-Game Story (Olympian Gods, Primordials, and Argonauts)

Aeon Trespass: Odyssey is a tabletop game that takes place in an alternate Antiquity. In this world, a cataclysmic event caused the demise of the Olympian gods and unleashed otherworldly Primordials upon the world. As an Argonaut, the player takes on the role of a hero tasked with fighting off the darkness and restoring balance to the world.

With stunning visuals and immersive gameplay, Aeon Trespass: Odyssey challenges players to navigate a world in chaos, forge alliances with other heroes, and confront terrifying creatures from other dimensions. As an Argonaut, players need to use their skills and wits to gather resources, build structures, and upgrade their gear to survive and succeed in their mission. Below is the Story Trailer.


Aeon Trespass: Odyssey is a thrilling tabletop game that puts players in control of the Argo and its crew, sending them on adventures into the dangerous and mysterious lands of Ancient Greece and beyond. The game combines tactical combat, narrative-driven gameplay, and strategic campaign management to create an unforgettable experience.

As players explore the ancient world, they’ll learn its secrets and create new technologies that give them an edge in combat and diplomacy. They’ll manage their resources and develop their base of operations, building new facilities, crafting new weapons and equipment, and gathering allies to forge political alliances with factions across the world.

To succeed in Aeon Trespass: Odyssey, players must defeat the main villains or solve a crisis before time runs out, while ensuring that their Argonauts don’t die, their crew doesn’t abandon them, and their ship doesn’t get destroyed. There are many ways to lose, but only a handful of paths to victory.

Aeon Primordials

During battles, 1 to 4 players must work together to defeat a giant Primordial boss-type monster, controlled by a sophisticated AI system. Outside of battles, the game uses innovative choice chain and choice matrix mechanics to track the player’s decisions, drastically impacting all future play sessions, campaigns, and playthroughs.

Key Features

What makes Aeon Trespass: Odyssey stand out?

  • Players are an Argonaut in control of a massive 30-foot Titan fighting against the monstrous Primordials and impossible odds to make the World right again.
  • Three distinct interconnected gameplay loops: adventures, strategy, and battles.
  • Battles use the Inverted Combat Paradigm system. The closer players are to death, the more powerful they become!
  • The same goes for the enemies, who escalate during Battles and evolve outside of them!
  • Upgrade the base of operations, the mighty ship Argo, develop new technologies, craft new gear and weapons, gather resources, make alliances and go on adventures!
  • A deep narrative with tough choices that have a meaningful impact on the game and its ending.
  • Alternative branches in the storyline and light legacy mechanics keep the game fresh and replayable!
  • Three major campaigns in one box!
  • 200+ hours of unique game content.

Aeon Trespass: Odyssey Package

The packaging is beautifully presented in an exquisite white box, overflowing with abundant contents that promise over 200 hours of immersive gameplay within the campaign. Upon opening the box, you will discover:

  • Prelude Content
  • Cycle I:
  • Cycle II:
  • Cycle III:
  • More than 24 Miniatures
  • More than 1500 Cards
  • 200+ Tokens and Tiles

Campaign Cycles

Aeon Trespass: Odyssey is a board game that features multiple campaign cycles, and each cycle has its own story, beginning, middle, and end. Below is some info about the first two cycles to give an idea of what to expect.

Aeon Trespass Odyssey Cards

Cycle I: Truth of the Labyrinth

The first cycle, Truth of the Labyrinth, takes place on the Greek island of Shattered Crete, which suffered a civil war between the dictatorship of Minos and the rebels who sided with Theseus, the Minotaurslayer. The story revolves around King Minos’s disappearance and the old maze’s expansion. Players will travel around a fictionalized map of Shattered Crete, encountering the Horned Guard, the Hornsworn, and the Labyrinthians.

The enemies in the game come in various forms, from towering monsters to intangible ideas. The players will have to be cautious not to lose the war in the minds of their people. The game includes mechanics to enforce this, such as the accumulation of Strangers cards/units, which can trigger Mutinies and Crises of Faiths. The game also features Primordials, and Hekaton and Labyrinthauros are the first two Primordials players will encounter.

Cycle II: Abysswatchers

Abysswatchers is a sequel to the Truth of the Labyrinth cycle, set in ravaged Sparta after the Eschaton. The Spartan state has been transformed by the Nietzschean, who claims to create a perfect mortal society. The Symmarchy, the only power in Hellas that stands against Sparta, starts a pre-emptive war. Argo arrives on Spartan shores at the behest of the Nietzschean himself, and they have 80 days to travel through a war-torn land, facing warring armies, the Krypteia, and weaponized Primordials. In Abysswatchers, players will travel through Sparta by sea, and the Great River Works lay siege to strongholds or find ways around them and war and bargain with both sides of the conflict.

The Nietzschean will test players’ resolve in more ways than one, with impossible decisions to be made outside of combat, such as whether to share resources with refugees or sacrifice the crew to ensure victory. The Primordials in this cycle will be a lot more aggressive and intelligent, targeting the Priority Target or the Weakest Link and causing Spartan Wounds. The Krypteia will make players’ lives hell on the Battlefield and outside of it, fighting alongside the Primordials and undermining them at every opportunity.

Back Again on Kickstarter for the Second Printing All-New Content

A Kickstarter campaign is underway to finance the second printing campaign, which will introduce fresh content and materials. The campaign has swiftly surpassed its minimum objective in mere hours. Inside the official website players will find the companion APP and everything needed to get started while on boardgamegeek more info, reviews and where to buy it.

Aeon Trespass Odyssey 2nd Printing


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