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Turn-Based RPG New Arc Line Announced for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series

Written by Marcello TBL

New Arc Line RPG

Anticipated Single-Player RPG, New Arc Line, Promises a Rich Storyline and Dynamic Gameplay, Offering Gamers an Immersive Experience

Ukrainian game development studio Dreamate has unveiled their upcoming game, New Arc Line. Slated for a 2024 release, this exciting new turn-based RPG will be available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, and PC, broadening its appeal to gamers across various platforms.

New Arc Line Gameplay

A Gilded Age of Magic and Technology

New Arc Line isn’t just another role-playing game. Described as a story-rich single-player RPG, the game is set in a spellbinding universe where magic and technology coalesce. From the enchanting allure of magical forests to the dark corners of seedy back alleys, the game offers a sprawling, diverse world for players to explore and interact with.

Good or Evil? Your Choice Matters

The player’s ability to choose their path sets New Arc Line apart. Whether you want to invent deadly gadgets or master the arcane arts; fight, steal, or smooth-talk your way to the top, the game offers robust options to suit every playstyle. Players can also expect to make foes and allies, fall in love, get involved in a massive conspiracy, and influence the course of history, adding layers of depth and replayability to the experience.

New Arc Line Screen

Battle Mechanics: Command and Customize

In the heat of battle, players can command a customized character and a recruited party. While details on battle mechanics are still scarce, the emphasis on strategic, turn-based combat suggests that players must think carefully and plan their moves for maximum effectiveness.

A First Look at New Arc Line

For those eager to catch a glimpse of what awaits, Dreamate has released an announcement trailer that you can find below, giving fans a sneak peek into the mesmerizing world and gameplay of New Arc Line. For further details, the official website offers additional information and updates.


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