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Xicatrice is an engaging RPG developed and published by Nippon Ichi Software planned to be released in Japan on June, 29,2023, for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch. In the game, players impersonate a teacher leading a special unit of students on dangerous missions during the school year.

Xicatrice offers a unique and immersive gaming experience that combines RPG elements with the students’ everyday lives and psychological struggles, and it involves a cycle of “Class,” “Skill Build,” and “Combat,” with the player nurturing the students while managing their physical conditions.


In addition to missions, the game also showcases the students’ ordinary and extraordinary lives. Events such as term exams, student interactions, and the use of the Collective Unconscious Auxiliary-communication Device (CUAD) to face and overcome their traumas are depicted. The CUAD also allows students to fight against anthropomorphized psychological scars known as “Doppels.

The game features a newly revealed system mechanic, the “Order Skill,” which is the main character’s special skill that boosts a student’s attack skill or indirectly provides support during battle for a single turn. The Order Skill accumulates Order Points every turn, and student-specific and powerful skills can be unlocked as the story progresses.

Xicatrice Combat System

Xicatrice also features an S-Rank system that evaluates the player’s performance during the battle events that periodically occur. Rewards increase with better results, and the difficulty level can be adjusted to match the player’s comfort level.

Below more details from Nippon Ichi Software and Announcement trailer

Xicatrice is a “superpower x academy RPG” where you play as a teacher who leads a special unit of students on dangerous missions during the school year. The player nurtures the students through a cycle of “Class,” “Skill Build,” and “Combat” while managing their physical conditions.

Xicatrice Gameplay

—Class: Teach skills to students through a daily curriculum.

—Skill Build: Construct the best countermeasure against enemies, choosing from countless skills available.

—Combat: Choose actions for each turn based on proposals made by students, and defeat the enemy.

■ The Ordinary and Extraordinary Lives of the Students

The Students’ Ordinary Lives

Counterpart to the deadly missions as a member of RAUT, the students also go about their daily lives as normal school students. Between each tense mission, you’ll be able to see a glimpse of their high schooler side.

—Events such as term exams will occur throughout the game. In order to avoid failing exams, Shinomori will ask for help from Otoha, who is a top performer when it comes to grades.

—Asahi is a very serious and strict. On the other hand, Nagamiya is quite free-spirited. Despite being on two opposite sides of the coin, they can find common ground in talking about things that normal girls of their age find interest in.

—Suzuhira becomes quite competitive with Kamishiro after the latter does well from his very first battle. Kamishiro, however, seems to find the nagging Suzuhira quite annoying…

The Students’ Extraordinary Lives

In order to prevent superpower users from losing self-control and turning into “abnormal unusual” users, they must face and overcome their traumatic pasts.

The students use a machine called the Collective Unconscious Auxiliary-communication Device (CUAD) to tap into their unconscious and face their traumata in a virtual space. Because variants exist in this space, one must repeatedly battle as he or she makes their way deeper into the unconscious.

Xicatrice Game Mechanics

—The CUAD is a double-edged sword. While using it is an efficient way to overcome trauma, failure can lead to the birth of an “abnormal unusual” user, who would then need to be disposed of. It’s because of this that the device is also known as the Execution Machine.

—A fierce clash of swords between Suzuhira and Kamishiro. What could be the reason for such murderous expressions between teammates…?

■ “Doppel” – The Anthropomorphization of Psychological Scars

Using the CUAD, students will face off against entities called “Doppels” in virtual space. Doppels are the anthropomorphizations of one’s unconscious and the dark side of their psyche. Repeated communication will lead to overcoming trauma.

—Doppels can take the form of a dark-shadowed version of the character, or a materialization of his or her psychological scars.

■ Details on the Newly Revealed System Mechanics

“Order Skill” – A Move That Can Change the Course of Battle

“Order Skill” is the main character’s special skill that allows the boost of a student’s attack skill or indirectly provide support during battle for one single turn. In addition, Order Skill also includes student-specific and powerful skills that can be unlocked as the story progresses.

Both types of skill require Order Points that accumulate every turn. These points can be accumulated even when buff, debuff, or healing options are chosen.

—Asahi’s Order Skill “All Defense” nullifies all damage from enemies for one turn. Prepare for the enemy’s powerful attack by saving up on the necessary Order Points.

—It is essential to know when to use Order Skills with high Order Point consumption.

Initial Skills of Students

What skills a student learns depends on the player, but each of the seven students already have acquired skills that are fitted to their initial statuses. We will introduce the initial skills for three students in this release.

—Ichika Otoha: Her “Heal” restores HP for all allies. Combined with the Passive Skill “Quick Treatment” that allows her to use her healing skill at a much earlier time, she will be able to save her allies much more reliably.

—Shizuru Nagamiya: Her “White Ice Strike” is an ice-based physical attack. When combined with “Accumulation Arts,” which boosts attack power the more elemental attacks she does, she becomes a powerful striker against enemies with ice weakness.

—Kei Namisaki: She can raise both her attack power and evasion skills while attacking the enemy by using “Astral Form.” With this skill, she can strengthen and attack in one turn.

Obtain Better Rewards Through Perfect Victory

The battle events that periodically occur are graded on a four-point scale, which you are evaluated on based on how well you fight up until you defeat the boss. Rewards will increase with better results, and the “S” Rank—which is the highest grade possible—will even net you a “Bad Ending-Level Bonus Point.”

—In order to obtain an S-Rank score, one must construct a Skill Build specifically to counter the enemy.

Too Hard? Don’t Worry! You Can Change the Difficulty to Match Your Comfort

You can choose Easy, Normal, or Hard mode at the beginning of the game. After a certain point, you will be able to lower the difficulty level if you would like to do so.

Depending on the difficulty, the enemy’s skills and actions will change. Whether you want to enjoy the story, or get down and dirty to defeat strong enemies through trial and error, there is a mode for anyone.

—Once you meet certain conditions, you will be able to choose an even higher level of difficulty.


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