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Vangaro Tactics: Upcoming Advance Wars-like Coming To Steam

Written by VeryWetLeaf

Vangaro Tactics, Key Art

The Advance Wars games have been a well beloved series with fans still singing praises 22 years after its inception. Because of its positive reception, it is inevitable that the tactical strategy classic will end up inspiring fans to take their own spin on the game. Coming soon to PCs is one such game, Vangaro Tactics.

Vangaro Tactics is planned to release on Steam some time next year, 2024.

About Vangaro Tactics

Vangaro Tactics is an indie project developed by niadocraz where you command colorful troops in tactical turn-based battles. Experience the Vangaro War through a diverse cast of playable commanders from multiple backgrounds and factions as you manage a vibrant roster of ground, air and sea units. Master the different asymmetric factions with their own exclusive units while adapting your playstyle to each commander.

Infiltrate behind enemy lines at night on the Stealth Missions. Outnumbered, measure your forces, choose your targets, and defeat the enemy before they forward the alarm to the next outpost. Mine, recruit units and outsmart the enemy to overcome each mission.


  • Battle an array of charming commanders with game-changing powers
  • Infiltrate enemy outposts at night on the Stealth Missions
  • Command a colorful cartoon army of ground, air and sea units
  • Master multiple asymmetric factions with exclusive units
  • Capture buildings and mine limited resources to recruit new troops
  • Experience how the Vangaro War unfolds from different commanders’ point of view



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