Wartales Makes a Surprise Debut on Nintendo Switch

Written by Marcello TBL


One of the best Tactical RPGs is now available on Nintendo Switch

In a thrilling announcement at Nintendo Direct, the acclaimed developer and publisher Shiro Unlimited unveiled its surprise launch of the medieval open-world tactical RPG Wartales on Nintendo Switch. The game, which has already witnessed sales of over 800,000 copies, promises to captivate audiences with its intricate gameplay and expansive world.

Wartales RPG

About Wartales

Set against the backdrop of the Edoran Empire, players will lead a band of skilled mercenaries, navigating through treacherous terrains, from rolling hills to dense forests. The game allows players to accept challenging bounties in bustling taverns and then dive deep into strategic turn-based battles with a chosen squad of sellswords. The objective is clear: master the art of tactical assaults, secure victory, and proceed to expansive campaigns.

The world of Wartales is vast and challenging. Nearly a century after the devastating Great Plague, players find themselves in a land of turmoil, where recruiting a formidable team is essential for survival. From navigating ancient ruins and treacherous mountain paths to facing off against beasts, bandits, and more, every decision counts.

Wartales Gameplay

Words from the Game Director

Quentin Lapeyre, Game Director at Shiro Games, expressed his enthusiasm: “As staunch supporters of Nintendo’s iconic brand, collaborating with them is a true privilege. Introducing Wartales to the Nintendo Switch audience has been a journey, and our team’s dedication ensures an immersive experience tailored perfectly for them.”

Wartales is now available on both Nintendo Switch and Windows PC via Steam, supporting a plethora of languages catering to a global audience. For more insights and updates and to dive into the world of Wartales, visit the official website and stay connected on Twitter.


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