1-Bit Love Letter WORLD OF HORROR Set to Leave Steam Early Access with Exciting New Content

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Roguelite Turn-Based Horror RPG is finally heading for a full release in time for Halloween

In a thrilling announcement for horror game enthusiasts, the acclaimed title WORLD OF HORROR is set to exit Steam Early Access on October 19th, 2023. Developed as a tribute to the spine-chilling works of Junji Ito and H.P. Lovecraft, the game has been described as a 1-bit love letter to these horror legends. Players navigate a roguelite reality filled with turn-based combat, unforgiving choices, and a deck of event cards that reveal new forms of cosmic horror in every playthrough.

World of Horror RPG

Lots of New Content

The full version promises a slew of new content, including three fresh mysteries and two additional playable characters not featured in the Early Access builds. The game’s reach is also expanding in terms of localization. Apart from English, the game will support multiple languages, including Japanese, Simplified and Traditional Chinese, Korean, French, and German, catering to a global audience.

Physical Format

Collectors are in for a treat as WORLD OF HORROR is set to hit retail shelves in a physical format. The Nintendo Switch physical edition, available in North America and Europe, is being released through Fangamer. This edition will come with an instruction manual and a unique set of art cards. Fans can already pre-order this edition and other related merchandise at Fangamer’s store.

For Asian fans, both Nintendo Switch and PS4 physical editions will be available through PLAYISM. Exclusive pre-order bonuses are on offer for those ordering from specific retailers like Amazon JP and Yodobashi Camera.

World of Horror Out of Early Access

In alignment with the new content and the game’s evolution since its launch, Steam will adjust prices. The game’s price will be set at US$19.99 or its regional equivalent. Those contemplating a purchase should act swiftly to benefit from the current pricing.

For more details about the game and its immersive world, players and enthusiasts can visit the official Steam page for WORLD OF HORROR.


Set in the eerie town of Shiokawa, Japan, WORLD OF HORROR presents a world on the brink of madness as Old Gods reawaken. Players must confront and navigate this apocalyptic realm filled with unspeakable horrors, making challenging decisions and engaging in turn-based combat. With its unique 1-bit art style crafted entirely in MS Paint and a haunting chiptune soundtrack, the game offers a retro yet fresh experience for horror RPG lovers.


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