Wartales Roadmap Reveals Upcoming Features

Written by Marcello TBL


A new Wartales roadmap has been revealed by Shiro Games, showcasing upcoming features for the mercenary RPG in the next few months. The developer plans to release a full version of the game in the second quarter of 2023, but before that, players can expect fast travel, a new Paths system, and more.

Wartales Roadmap 2023

The upcoming Community Update, set to arrive in February, will include fast travel between regions, a trading post to build, and upgrades to camp tools. The Release Update will bring final improvements to the game, including a new Alazar region, an increase to the level cap, new champions and arenas, and new battle maps.

Wartales is a medieval fantasy open-world RPG with turn-based strategy combat, and is currently available on Steam Early Access for $34.99.


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