A Bizarre episodic Metroidvania JRPG

Written by Marcello TBL


Be a hero and find meaning in your painfully dull life! Jeebo & Jerbo is a bizarre episodic Metroidvania/party-based JRPG featuring a strange land, and it’s (mostly hostile) inhabitants.

In-Game Background story

Chapters-driven, Jeebo & Jerbo vs. Life features a strange land filled with bizarre creatures ranging from dinosaurs to goo people and office-workers. Something quite unique with a setting coming out from crazy minds and events out of the ordinary.

Jeebo & Jerbo Vs Life

Jeebo & Jerbo Vs. Life Gameplay

The game plays itself as a metroidvania platformer game where players can get access to new area by using unlocked-characters skills. When battle happens, the game propose a turn-based combat system in which fan of the genre will feel at home with it.

About the developer

StegTech is a small indie studio that makes Jeebo & Jerbo vs. Life and is also working on a visual novel about a psychologist.

Jeebo Combat system

Jeebo & Jerbo Vs. Life Release date & Platforms

Jeebo & Jerbo Vs. Life is already available on Pc via Steam.


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