Turn-Based Horror Digital Tabletop Nemesis: Lockdown is leaving early access

Written by Marcello TBL

Nemesis Lockdown

Nemesis: Lockdown is the digital transposition of the famous tabletop RPG in which players must explore an alien-infested space base and resist various threats. After an early access phase, the game is ready to deliver its full release via Steam on the 17th of November, 2022.

In Nemesis: Lockdown, players are part of a team exploring an alien-infested space base. Craft, hide, and fight to make it out of its dark, threat-filled corridors. Fulfill objectives even if it means betraying your team but remember – this time, you are not the hunter. You are the prey.


Well tested gameplay –
Nemesis Board Game was in a very long development, literally thousands of blind test plays until we got a formula that works. Now – after hundreds of thousands of players around the world played and enjoyed the game – core gameplay of Nemesis Lockdown is very well tested and proven to provide not only great fun (especially when you die), but also breathtaking cinematic moments.

Cinematic, turn-based horror sci-fi experience –
In Nemesis you do not hunt aliens, this is not a shooter. Weapons are mostly used for defense. Instead, you try to do everything you can to complete your objective and run from the base as far as you can. The presence of other life forms can make this a bit tough.

Secret goals and hidden traitors –
One of the key mechanics in Nemesis is hidden objectives. Trust no-one, as some of the players you play with might want to kill you or have drastically different ideas about what to do with the current situation. But you NEED to cooperate to survive, so there is a fine line you need to keep with every decision.

Beautiful fully 3D environment –
We have invested a lot into making sure the game will look right in this new medium. You can expect great graphics, animations, and models to help immerse yourself in the world of Nemesis.

Solo and multiplayer modes –
You can play the game by yourself or enjoy it with your friends. Thanks to high replayability you will be able to play the game for dozens of hours and every game will be different.

Refined UX and calculations –
We have added a lot of extra work to create a seamless User Experience flow, that would decrease down-time and make all the calculations in the background while showing players all the important information as clearly as possible.


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