Age of Grit – Overview

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Age of Grit Overview

Adventure across a massive Wild West steampunk world in a turn-based tactical RPG.

Age of Grit Overview

Game description

In Age of Grit you play the captain of an old, beat-up, steam-powered airship. You and your crew adventure across a vast, cowboy-themed, steampunk world simply known as “The West.” You’re looking for whatever work you can find–bounty hunting, smuggling contraband, running guns…maybe even a little train robbery if yer so inclined. ‘Bout anything to pay the bills, keep the guns loaded, the boiler stoked, and keep your ship in the sky!

Travel from one Wild West town to the next, meeting interesting characters. A few might have a job to offer or cargo for you to haul. Others might be fixin’ to just shoot you where you stand. At its core, Age of Grit is about the people you meet, what story they have to tell, and how you choose to interact with them.

Age of Grit Gameplay

When trouble comes, you’ll battle enemy airships using a deeply strategic, turn-based combat system. Far from a button masher, AOG will require careful thought to achieve each victory. A heavy cannon might do well against a slow-moving, heavily armored enemy, but perhaps a long-gun will be more effective when gunning down a more agile opponent. A machine gun might be powerful at first, but as the barrel overheats it’s effectiveness will diminish. With clever strategy, a weaker ship can typically bring down a much stronger foe.

You can buy better machinery from one of The West’s many shops and dealers, or you might be able to salvage better parts from the wreckage of a vanquished enemy’s ship. As you improve your airship you’ll be able to take on bigger and more powerful foes and, in so doing, spread your fame across The West!

Age of Grit Town

Key features

  • Explore The West–a vibrant, fleshed out steampunk/Wild West world, rich with history, lore, and adventure!
  • Battle steampunk airships using Age of Grit’s unique turn-based combat system.
  • Improve your ship with hundreds of different upgrades–armor, sensors, machine guns, flamethrowers and such.
  • Get to know the countless interesting cowboy NPCs that live in the game’s world. Dialog is dynamic with deep and varried conversations.
  • Earn money by taking jobs–transport prisoners, work as a bounty hunter, smuggle contraband, or just hunt down the bandits that infest The West.
  • Enjoy an epic wild west themed original soundtrack.
  • Make sure to stress that everything about this game is absolutely fabulous.

About developer

IQ Soup is a small indie studio, creators of Age of Grit, a steampunk/cowboy RPG for PC, Mac, and Linux. They have a deep love for story-focused indie games and the feeling of emersion, progression, and adventure that a good RPG can create.

Release date & platforms

Age of Grit release date is for 10 September 2019. You can get it on Steam.


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