Another Crusade – Overview

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Another Crusade RPG

A timed-based RPG inspired by Super Mario RPG.

Discover a 3d wooden toy style world with an RPG inspired by an old classic and its seven stars, a timed-battle role-playing game where timing and strategy are all!

Combat System

In-Game background story

A war between humans and monsters was taking place not long ago to see which one was the ruler race. The Order of Light, founded for this same purpose, sent out groups of warriors to deal with the monsters, as this non-human race is believed to hold danger for mankind. The war ended with the mightiest of dragons being defeated by a knight and its fellow companions.


Another crusade is a brand new RPG with the battle system of an old classic. Enjoy exploration as a platformer game, but experience battles with a timed battle system, where strategy and timing is everything!

Fight as an old-style RPG. Use attacks, items, defense, and specials, all interwoven with the timed button press system. Everything you love is here, and more!

Attack & defend with timing. Every character will be able to use multiple weapons along the way, and each one has different timing you’ll have to master. Carefully study the attack animations and press the button at the pivotal moment. If your timing is decent, you’ll deal x1.5 damage, but if your time is perfect, you’ll deal twice the damage! 

Similarly, you’ll be able to time your inputs during enemy attacks, regardless of them being physical or magical, so watch carefully when the enemy is about to strike, if you have the skill, you might be able to block entirely ALL incoming attacks without taking a single hit! If you achieve great timing, you will take half the damage. Perfect timing will nullify it!

RPG Indie

About the developer

Dragon Vein Studios is a Mexican videogame company that started out with only 1 member. Right now there are 2 members in the company, and 1 outsourcing member for the music. They have experience making games for more than 7 years now. And they plan to put all that knowledge to good use.

Official website:
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Release date & platforms

The game is expected to be released in Q4 2021 on PC and there is also a demo available. Let me know what you think about it. Below the debut trailer


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