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Conkis Pc Game

Your army needs a wise leader, you must be balanced in your decisions or you will face a dishonored defeat…

Conkis Multiplayer Pc Game

Conkis is a turn-based tactical game. Medieval styled where you have to manage your army in a battle. There are different units with different features and you have to select your army from them. Make your own style of combat, command your army and stand victorious! Do you accept the challenge?

In-Game Background story

In a medieval world, the war is permanent and you have to become the General of your Kingdom. Many enemies are around your army and you must face them and rise victorious for the glory of your Empire! As General you will have extra cards, maybe those will make the difference or maybe not, but your insight will be tested. If you act rashly you may lose everything you have fought for, so you have to consider when the time is right in the heat of battle, that will mark the future of the match.

Gameplay info

In Conkis there are only 6 kinds of units. Knight, Spearman, Axeman, Archer, Slinger and Crossbowoman. When the game starts each player has to assemble their own army. Each player must select 10 units to fight.

Maps/board are grid based.

Players can move all the units on their turn. Units can move and attack. But can not attack and move.

Each unit has different characteristics in movement range and life. Each unit also has its own counter-unit. For example, the Slinger makes double damage to the Archer. The Knight and the Crossbowoman are riding a horse and their movement is faster than the rest of the units that are walking.

The game will have the concept of Cards. Players will have to select three cards from their available deck. Each card can be used during the game and add some extras to the strategy. An example would be, “Restore the life of this unit” or “On the next attack the damage will be doubled”.

The way to win is by killing all the enemy units.

Each player will have Towers. The amount of towers are defined by the map. The one that destroys the enemy towers wins. Towers are able to attack.

Players can also win conquering Flags. Flags are neutral by default, if one unit touches the cell of the flag, that flag is converted to the color of the player. If the player conquers N flags (defined by the map) this player wins the game.

Turn-Based RPG

Key features

  • Strategy
  • Turn-based
  • Tactical
  • Multiplayer
  • Decks
  • Competitive
  • Rank/Elo system
  • Online
  • Free to play
  • PvP
  • IO Game

About the developer

A small team of three people based in Spain. They have been passionate about video games since they were kids. Loving different game styles like RTS, shooters and of course, turn-based. Conkis has been done with love, so much enthusiasm and all their passion, from gamers to gamers.

They really desires to make Conkis a referent among multiplayer turn-based games. The team has a knight as a developer, an axeman as an artist, and a spearman as a marketer, the perfect army!

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Release date & platforms

September-October 2020 on PC


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