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Deal With Horrors In Strategy Sci-Fi Card Game Lost In Space – Overview

Written by Marcello TBL

Lost In Space Overview

Lost in Space is a sci-fi turn-based card strategy game developed and published by Girf Games, released on December 18, 2023. It challenges players to navigate astronauts through the horrors of space, dealing with food shortages, maintaining sanity, and unraveling the mission’s mysteries.

The game features a unique story for both solo and co-op play (2-4 players), emphasizing character-specific fears and decisions that impact the storyline and crew’s survival. It also boasts a rich collection of animated digital cards and music tracks, enhancing the atmospheric sci-fi design and immersive experience.

Lost In Space Strategy Card Game

You can find Lost In Space on Steam. Below an overview of the game and trailer.

Story company

A fascinating story awaits you in a single company, or call your friends and go through a joint story company of 2 to 4 people.

Riddles, choices, special fears of each of the characters, all this affects the plot and the lives of the crew members.

Each hero is unique

You have to manage a team of crew members of the intersystem cargo ship “SOMNIUM”, each hero has his own character, characteristics, skills and fears

A serious, purposeful coordinator, only he can unite the team in this fight for survival

A girl who is weak in spirit, but irreplaceable in repairing a ship; only with her can the ship survive

A secretive and stubborn woman with her own secrets, but only with her the crew will not die from their injuries.

Knows his ship like the back of his hand, can go where others cannot, but a strong load can harm him

Lost In Space Card Game

Madness system

Save the heroes’ minds

Each hero gradually goes crazy, the lower the mind parameter, the more the hero sees events beyond the control of reason, and the more accidents on the ship, the greater the chance of succumbing to madness and even harming his friends

Card and music collection system

Large collection of 85 animated digital maps and 12 music tracks The collection opens as you progress in the company, collect the entire collection

Atmospheric Sci-fi design and sound

The game is made in the style of science fiction, we guarantee maximum immersion into the atmosphere of the future and fascinating space


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