Wandering The Desert Planet Of Eldo In Tactical RPG Sand Nomads – Overview

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Sand Nomads

A Best Looking Tactical RPG Just Came Out Of The Sand

I’d like to thank Rui Castro and his amazing facebook page for bringing this fascinating open world set on the desert planet of Eldo to my attention. Sand Nomads is an upcoming tactical RPG set on an expansive desert planet where high technology and ancient traditions intertwine. Developed and published by PlayPanic, the game invites players to lead a team of nomads in a quest for fame and fortune.

As the commander of these wanderers, players will navigate a harsh landscape filled with bandits, mysterious ruins, and alien artifacts. The game combines turn-based strategy with an open-world format, allowing for extensive exploration and diverse questing.

Sand Nomads

The gameplay of Sand Nomads centers around managing a mercenary team, with elements such as permadeath heightening the stakes. Players can recruit from a variety of classes like Hunters and Daredevils, each offering unique skills and equipment. The game’s world promises a mixture of tactical battles, resource gathering, and story-driven quests that influence the game’s narrative.

Strategic elements are further enriched with a crafting system, a knowledge tree, and a class system for deep character development.

Sand Nomads is a coming-soon game. For now, we can only wishlist it on Steam. Below an overview of the game, screens and trailer.


The distant planet of Eldo is rarely reached by space freighters from the central worlds. It is inhabited by the Tarabs, for whom the technology of interstellar travel is intertwined with archaic superstition. For the faint of heart, the harsh wastelands of Eldo bring doom. But for the bravest, these lands are an incredible opportunity. The treasures and secrets of the boundless sands are a true ladder to a better future.

Sand Nomads is a turn based tactical RPG which has you leading a nomads company in a dangerous sci-fi world with middle-eastern wibes. You decide where to go, whom to hire or to fight, what contracts to take and how to train and equip your men in an open world campaign.

  • Manage a mercenary team in a nomad culture inspired sci-fi setting.
  • Wast open world to discover. Face bandits and monsters, complete quests, gather resources and find rare artifacts.
  • Turn-based tactical battles with a hazardous randomly generated environment.
  • Permadeath. All characters that die in combat will stay dead.
  • Character development based on a class system. Hunter, Wanderer, Daredevil, Sharpshooter, Crusher and more with special traits and powerful perks.
  • Equipment that matters. Different weapons grant unique skills – jumping backpacks, stealth modules, energy shields, shock mauls, void-spears and more.
  • Various enemy roster. All enemies have unique equipment, skills and AI behavior.
  • Quest story line to resolve on each territory – decide what side do you choose and change the history of the desert.
  • Abandoned alien ruins – find ancient ruins of legendary faded civilization, get unique articafts and unravel the mystery of their disappearance.
  • And of course craft, professions, knowledge tree, rewardable achievements and more.


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