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Grand Soul Saga JRPG

Grand Soul Saga is a mature JRPG adventure set in the city-state of DuPont, where you, a refugee, navigate through a crumbling society ruled by technocrats and drug cartels. Seeking passage to Yerdan to reunite with your family, you join forces with a diverse crew.

Grand Soul Saga

The game offers a deep narrative exploring themes like addiction and reality, featuring a dynamic storyline with multiple endings, open-world exploration, and a combat system that eschews random battles for strategic encounters. Expect over 30 hours of gameplay, enriched by a nostalgic pixel-art style and an original soundtrack inspired by JRPG classics, all from the creative mind of solo developer Jeremy Reineck.

Grand Soul Saga was released on February 28th 2024 in early access. Below you can find an overview of the game via Steam.

The Story

After narrowly escaping a violent insurrection in your country, you are thrust into the underworld of nearby DuPont, a crumbling city-state ruled by technocrats, competing drug cartels, and a mysterious cybernetic superpower called “The Eye of God.” Joined by a scrappy crew of smugglers, alchemists, and wanderers, you venture westward to Yerdan, a distant port-city where your surviving family awaits you… hopefully.

Grand Soul Saga Combat system


– Dynamic, character-driven storytelling touching on themes of addiction, human connection, grief, choice, spirituality, cybernetics, self-actualization, and the nature of reality.
– Multiple endings, hand-crafted NPC interactions, and meaningful character development.
– Open quest structure encouraging exploration in a fully realized semi-open world.
– Stirring, original score comprising 40+ compositions inspired by JRPG classics.
– Deep, yet accessible turn-based combat with an old-school challenge.
– Nostalgic pixel-art graphics.
– 30+ hours of gameplay.
– No random battles.
– Highly interactive world with detailed descriptions.
– Inspired by the graphics, music, and gameplay of Final Fantasy VI and the semi open-world narrative intrigue of Baldur’s Gate 2.
– Created by solo-developer and composer, Jeremy Reineck.


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