Droid Mania is a 2D hardcore turn-based roguelike tactics. Completely free and offline.

In-Game Background Story

Dan is a big fan of battle droids. But his collection lacks the most valuable pieces from the Ksiz race – ‘Conquerors of the Galaxy’. So he snuck into the strange alien base to steal samples of their droids.\nGet to the evac point at the last level of the base with different types of droids in his team.


In Droid Mania: Tactical Roguelike you must protect generators and batteries to accumulate energy for teleport. Destroy enemy roids trying to stop you. Teleport to the next level. Hack enemy droids and bring different types of them to evac point at the last base level.

Key features

  • Hardcore challenge in a bit chess-like game
  • Incredible soundtrack with new track on every level
  • Procedurally generated levels
  • Permadeath
  • A lot of funny and unexpected situations
  • RPG elements: experience and unit levels
  • Optimized for one-handed play

About the developer

Stoned Android Studio is a solo developer, game fan with a huge exp. Favorite genres are Strategy and Tactics. This is his first game.




Release date & platforms

July 7, 2020 – Android



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