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Golden Fall 2 – Overview

Written by Marcello TBL

Golden Fall 2

Golden Fall 2 is a single player roguelike dungeon crawler RPG without random generated levels.

Golden Fall 2

In-Game Background Story

You are a poor fellow who was thrown into an ancient dungeon, and now you must try to escape. There are Demonions, some demons trying to take over the world. They try to enter the world through the output of the mountain of wrath. Which is a mystical mountain that contains ancient forts and magical properties.


It plays like a classic roguelike, but without the procedural generation. Every action you take takes some time units. The creature who spent the least time units is the one to move next. To the player, it looks like the entire world moves with him.

You have 3 main attributes:
Strength, dexterity, and intelligence.
All three attributes contribute and give bonuses to either HP(Hit points), SP(Spirit points), weapons bonuses, and specific skills/spells bonuses. When you level up you can pick up warrior skills or wizard spells.

Gameplay Roguelike

In order to attack a creature without a spell, you need a melee weapon. You have a variety of different melee weapons. You have armor, helmets, shields. You can wear up to three layers of armor (chain, gambeson, plate) and 2 layers of head protection(coif, helm).

Apart from that, you need to make sure your HP doesn’t go to zero and heal with potions or herbs. There are riddles, and different scenarios you need to deal with in combat or otherwise. There are also a variety of friendly NPCs.

Key Features

  • Rogue Like mechanics.
  • 10 hand tailored levels.
  • 37 Steam Achievements.
  • 29 monsters.
  • Riddles, items, spells, skills and friendly NPCs.

About the developer

Isralean solo indie dev working on this project in his free time, usually on weekends and at the end of the day. He made quite a few games in the past, none of them have been successful, but none of them were also to the level of polish they can be considered an actual professional commercial game. Golden Fall 2 is the first exception.



Release date & platforms

Golden Fall 2 has released on 21th march 2021, on Steam. with a Demo available as well.


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