Hex Of the Lich – Overview

Written by Marcello TBL

Hex of the Lich Overview

Hex of the Lich is a turn-based hex strategy roguelike with modular, craftable attacks.

In-Game Background Story

The Lich grows more powerful by the day. With your armies depleted, you rally creatures of the land- blobs, mechs, and sentient plants, to name a few- to rise up against the Lich. Will it be enough?



Unlike traditional dungeon-crawlers, in Hex of the Lich, every attack is built out of hexes. Modify, upgrade, and synergize your creatures’ hexes to push, pull, create crazy combos, summon, buff, debuff, and polymorph your way to victory. Inspired by turn-based classics like Pit People and Into the Breach.

Key features

  • Pseudo-random runs
  • Modular, customizable attacks
  • Attack crafting built for synergy
  • 5+ playable classes
  • Challenging, replayable gameplay

About the Developer

Solo developer at Clobster Games with a passion for strategy games and dungeon crawlers. His goal is to make Hex of the Lich the best game it can be.

Release date & platforms

Demo available now!. Steam Early Access: Q1 2022 (PC, Mac, Linux)


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