Inkulinati – Overview

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Inkulinati turn-based stategy

Inkulinati is a promising turn-based strategy game about illuminated animal battles full of eccentric humour.

Inkulinati turn-based stategy


In Inkulinati you take on the role of a medieval illuminator, who uses the Living Ink to paint and command an army of creatures in order to defeat numerous opponents and become the Master Illuminator.

Inkulinati turn-based stategy

Key features

  • Unique setting. Medieval manuscripts are the source of endless inspiration, amazing creativity and a tint of madness.
  • Turn-based strategy bursting with eccentric humour. Besides attacking you can sing, bark, purr or play a trumpet with your bum – all to take advantage of your opponent.
  • Special actions performed by the illuminator. Use your fists to smash your opponent’s troops, draw obstacles or relocate your units.
  • Living Ink. The most important resource in the game, left by defeated troops. Collect it and be sure to paint reinforcements for your army.
  • Campaign. In the campaign mode, the player will face AI-controlled adepts of illumination, who stand in the way of becoming the Master Illuminator and entering the final duel with Death herself.
  • Character development. Earn experience points with each duel to upgrade your workshop, unlock new units and actions for the illuminator’s hands.
  • Creating a story. With each battle, a story is written to celebrate all epic deeds that happened on the battlefield. You can see the story coming to life and filling the empty spaces of the manuscript. Turn-based battles in hot-seat and singleplayer modes.
Inkulinati turn-based stategy

About developer

Yaza Games is an indie game studio from Poland. They create uncanny worlds, where players can take a break from reality.

Inkulinati turn-based stategy

They met in Warsaw during a game development course at Game Dev School. Currently, working on Inkulinati – a turn-based strategy about illuminated animal battles full of eccentric humor.

Release date & platforms

Inkulinati will be released for pc and other platforms but there’s not a releasing date yet. Below you will find the teaser trailer and steam page.


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