Land of Astrea awaits you in Fire Emblem-like Grey Heritage: Faded Vision

Written by Marcello TBL

Grey Heritage

Grey Heritage: Faded Vision by indie BTrain Studio is a Turn-Based RPG where players find themself in the middle of a struggle between an exiled Prince and the betrayer King. The gameplay is very reminiscent of Fire Emblem, in which players will command 11 characters, each with their own class and set of skills across 14 chapters.

Grey Heritage: Faded Vision is a PC game expected to be released on the 9th of December 2022 through Steam. In the meantime, you can try the demo available.

Command a rebellion as Leon Beaumont, Exiled Prince of Astrea, against the king that betrayed him. Engage in a classic turn-based tactical RPG experience as you unravel untold secrets from the past. Recruit allies, manage inventory, and train your soldiers in this JRPG-inspired journey!


  • Fight through hand-crafted scenarios across 14 chapters with all unique objectives and map design.
  • Play as 11 playable units with all unique skills, classes and abilities on the battlefield.
  • Use terrain to your advantage in this turn-based tactical RPG.
  • You are not alone! AI controlled allies will help you turn the tide of war.
  • Give your soldiers experience and stat boosting items so they can shine in JRPG combat.
  • Every soldier is key to completing the objective.
  • Inventory Management is paramount towards victory.


  • No Permadeath so you won’t lose progress on your soldiers.
  • A narrative driven love-letter to RPG fans.
  • An emphasis on indoor and outdoor combat.
  • The ability to save at checkpoints to undo any mistakes you’ve made.
  • A story focus ~10 hour experience for busy adults who love RPG.

About BTrain Studio

BTrain Studio is a solo developer. His goal is to make engaging and immersive experiences through the Tactical JRPG genre. Grey Heritage will be a series of TRPG with interconnected stories.

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