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Mistia – The Kingdom of Krasten – Overview

Written by Marcello TBL

Mistia - The Kingdom of Krasten

In Mistia you will play the role of young Cole, who needs to take a long journey to the capital to understand why the King abandoned his lands and to shed light on the mysteries that the war has brought to the Kingdom.
He will be forced to leave his village and family behind and face a journey not only through the Kingdom of Krasten, but also one of introspection, within himself. On his way to the capital, Cole will gradually join other characters, each of whom will have their own story to tell and will be of vital importance for the accomplishment of Cole’s quest.

Mistia Preview

In-Game Background Story

It’s the year 913, these are dark times for the Kingdom of Krasten…
King Sarba of Darlàn had declared war to the Region of Solhòm and its King Eldran, in order to unite the whole Kingdom.

For 21 years… these lands have been tortured and stained by the blood of men… I was one of them.
For 21 years… King Sarba’s thirst for conquest took its toll on the whole Kingdom… I was there…

“A true King must be capable of understanding the consequences of death”

But everything would change in the year 925…
Prince Cornelius ascended to the throne of Solhòm after his father’s death and brought strength to his people.
In the following years, what initially seemed like a sure defeat, begun to turn into hope.

He doesn’t know, but I hoped…

It was only in 934… When Darlàn’s victory seemed imminent, that some of King Sarba’s men started to believe their King had gone mad and changed the fate of the battle by making a deal with King Cornelius.
King Sarba had turned his strength into weakness.
His perfect war machine fuelled by his own cruelty ended up scaring his own people.

When Darlàn’s throne fell… I was there…

It was the dawn of a new Era, one that was full of opportunities for both regions.
King Cornelius left the people of Darlàn keep their lands as he agreed to, allowing them to build their own city-state.
Darlàn, as the rest of the Kingdom, was finally rid of the roots of evil.

…Or so they believed.

But the blood spilt to gain that peace wasn’t even worth a couple of decades.
A dark and sinister figure was lurking in the corners of the Kingdom, waiting for its right time.
You could feel it in the air. I could.

But he doesn’t know…
A young and pure soul will be able connect the dots.

He doesn’t know… But I was there.
He doesn’t know… That I will show him the way.

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Turn-Based Combats


Mistia – The Kingdom Of Krasten is an old-style fantasy rpg with turn-based fighting.

– One of the peculiarities of Mistia are the environments that characterize the kingdom. Give the right time to explore and make sure you don’t leave any treasure behind!

– The kingdom is inhabited by many people and in Mistia you can talk to each of them and, who knows, maybe you might discover interesting stories.

– In Mistia you can buy all kinds of objects, weapons and potions.

– You have a long journey ahead of you, make sure you are well equipped!

– Fishing is fundamental for the life of every village…yes, in Mistia you can also fish!

– If you are lucky, while fishing, you might even catch a message in a bottle and, who knows, in one of these messages you might find the coordinates for a treasure!

– Fight with a dynamic turn-based system! Depending on the character you use during the fight, you will have a wide range of specialties at your disposal!

About the developers

Lunart Studios is an independent Italian team, they have been crafting the World of Mistia for a year now.
They have always had love and passion for video games, especially those that had and still have, great stories to tell.

Official website:
Steam page:
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Kickstarter Page:
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Mistia Release date & platforms

The demo of the game was launched on October 22nd, 2020 for Windows and macOS. The full game will be released in December 2021. Below the demo gameplay.


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