Paladin’s Oath – Overview

Written by Marcello TBL

Paladin's Oath

A digital boardgame (soloplay) inspired by game systems like Mage Knight or Gloomhaven. With intricate card plays & synergies, ultimate undo and long-term strategic planning with lightweight deckbuilding elements.

Paladin's Oath Overview


The realm has been invaded by creatures from other planes of existence. You are a Paladin taking an Oath to cleanse these impurities and restore the balance.


  • lightweight deckbuilding (you only have 15-20 cards), cards cycle only a few times throughout the game.
  • limited randomness, almost fully open information (similar to chess) so you can plan moves multiple turns ahead
  • turn-based movement and battles technically only 1 turn since enemies don’t move – each enemy encounter is more like a “puzzle” to solve rather than tactical battles.
  • Ultimate Undo: During Battle everything can be undone, meaning you can find the right combo and synergies between cards to come out victorious and unscathed. During exploration you can also undo until you make a move on the board.
  • Configurable scenarios (similar to source materials) you can choose the map layout, AI timer, and other difficulty elements of the game.
  • Configurable Characters: the combo Paladin + Oath gives a different playstyles (moves more easily around the map or use stronger abilities or easier to build an army of follower).
  • Intricate card synergies / many ways to solve the puzzles that the board layout offers
Battle System

About the Developer

French solo game dev, working part-time at Google in Singapore and building games the rest of the time. He loves boardgames and He’s mostly been working on digital adaptations for fun and sometimes release them. Paladin’s Oath is his most recent one, prior to that He released another boardgame inspired by HeroQuest. He Also made an unofficial digital port of Century Spice Roads.

Release date & platforms

March 1st, 2022 on PC / Mac / Linux


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Marcello TBL

Italian Dad in love with Turn-Based RPGs and Indie Games. In 2018 he started Turn Based Lovers and now he can't live without it.

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  1. Thank you for featuring my game, I’m hoping your readers will be interested by the game: if they like the source of inspiration (Mage Knight or Gloomhaven) they should feel right at home with Paladin’s Oath 🙂 Release will be March 1st on Steam.


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