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Path of the Djinn: A Desert Deckbuilding Roguelite – Overview

Written by Marcello TBL

Path of the Djinn, Key Art

Balance Water Resources and Divine Favors In Order To uncover the mysteries of the Pixelated desert of Samsara.

Path of the Djinn, developed and published by Fioretto Studios, stands out in its innovative blend of strategic gameplay pillars: a nuanced skill perk system, the critical use of travel cards, and the essential resource management of water. The skill perk system allows players to radically alter the abilities of their characters, potentially changing the tide of battle by making enemies explode upon defeat or triggering abilities at the start of a turn.

Path of the Djinn

In combination with assembling a strategic deck of travel cards, this system introduces a dynamic layer of planning and foresight in navigating the treacherous desert of Samsara. The scarcity of water adds a survival element, where players must judiciously manage this precious resource, balancing its use between immediate survival needs and offerings to the gods to gain their favor in battles.

The backdrop of Path of the Djinn is a richly woven narrative tapestry that sees the last human clans navigating a harsh, nomadic existence in a world forgotten by time. The re-emergence of a dark Djinn, hungry to reclaim its lost power and dominate the desert, sets the stage for an epic saga.

Developed by a studio with a penchant for creating immersive worlds, the game offers a unique aesthetic that captures the desolate beauty of its setting, complemented by turn-based combat that challenges players to think critically about every move. Each playthrough promises a distinct experience, with a variety of fighters from desert clans, each enhancing gameplay through their unique skills and perks.

Path of the Djinn

Path of the Djinn is set for a Q4 2024 release on PC via Steam. Below is an overview of the game via Steam and trailer.


Path of the Djinn has three core pillars: the skill perk systemtravel cards, and water, needed to survive or to be sacrificed to the gods to tip the scales in your favor. You’ll need to achieve a fine balance among these to get through the desert and stop the Djinn.


The last surviving human clans endure a nomadic existence fraught with hardship. As generations passed, the history of Samsara faded into oblivion. Long forgotten, a dark Djinn has found its way back, driven by an insatiable desire to reclaim its full powers and extend its supreme will on the desert and beyond.


  • Alter the way skills work through the skill perk system: will it make the enemy explode on death, or will it trigger on turn start?
  • Combine your fighters’ skills and perks into a powerful and well-coordinated team.


  • As you fight your way through the desert, you’ll need the help of the gods to tip the balance in your favor, that is, if you can spare the water, a rather precious thing in Samsara.
  • Prayer skills require a sacrifice of water, a precious resource that you’ll have to manage during your journey, continuously seeking a balance between the now and the later.


  • Travel cards represent locations that you’ll encounter through the desert. Carefully manage your deck to avoid unnecessary dangers and choose your battles wisely, or to ensure you never run out of water.
  • At each step of your journey you’ll have to pick between three locations extracted from your deck, forcing you to balance your needs and desires: will you restock on water or look for treasures? The future is uncertain, and the choices you make will shape your path.


  • Lead a party of fighters of the desert clans: the Crab, the Ammonite, and the Turtle.
  • Enhance the skills of your fighters through the game’s skill perk system, leading to emerging behavior and radical changes.
  • Assemble a deck of travel cards to influence the locations of your journey.
  • Search long-forgotten ruins or explore sky-high canyons, but beware: the Djinn’s minions are looking for you…
  • Collect and save water, you might need it while delving into a cave, or for mere survival.
  • Use prayers to manipulate the battle and steer the journey in your favor by making an offering to the gods.
  • Engage in turn-based battles to thwart the Djinn’s plans and uncover the mysteries of the desert of Samsara.
  • Experience a unique adventure with each run, thanks to the combination of fighters, travel cards, skill perks and prayers!


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