Sacred Earth – Reverie: A Visual Novel Point & Click Dungeon Crawler With Fast-Paced Turn-Based Combat – Overview

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Sacred Earth Reverie

Sacred Earth – Reverie is an upcoming indie fantasy RPG that integrates visual novel storytelling, drawing inspiration from both classic and contemporary JRPGs. The game is being developed and published by the Sacred Star Team alongside VisuStella. Players can anticipate a rich narrative that follows a former knight embarking on a profound personal quest through evocative landscapes to unearth secrets and forgotten histories.

Sacred Earth - Reverie

Gameplay in Sacred Earth – Reverie emphasizes dungeon exploration, character development, and dynamic turn-based combat. Players will navigate intricate dungeons, interact with a diverse cast of characters, and enhance their characters using various equipment, abilities, and perks. The game promises a deeply interactive experience with townspeople and allies, enriching the story’s depth. Additionally, players will face strategic combat scenarios that require careful resource management and tactical use of each character’s unique abilities.

The combat system in Sacred Earth – Reverie features fast-paced, turn-based battles that challenge players to think strategically. Characters in the game possess distinct skills and abilities that can be combined in battle to execute powerful combos, known as Arts. These Arts can be chained for increased damage, adding a layer of strategic depth to confrontations. Players must effectively manage their resources and understand the synergy between characters to excel in combat and navigate the challenges posed by formidable foes.

Sacred Earth – Reverie is slated for release on PC via Steam in the fourth quarter of 2024. Below an overview of the game, screens and trailer.


Sacred Earth – Reverie is a fantasy RPG with visual novel elements, inspired by both classic and modern JRPGs. Follow the story of a former knight of the kingdom as they go on a personal journey through the countryside in order to uncover hidden truths and long lost mysteries of the past.

Explore dungeons, interact with your allies and the townsfolk, build your characters with equipment, abilities, and perks, and test your might against foes in fast-paced turn-based combat.

– Dungeon Exploration

Utilize point and click functions to explore dungeons and study the environment. Seek treasures and interact with your allies to learn more about each other and your surroundings.

– Town Interaction

A colorful cast of townspeople await in the town of Istina. Learn about their daily lives and those of your allies as you pass the times together with them between bouts of dungeon exploration.

– Combat

Engage in fast-paced turn-based battles against dangerous enemies utilizing various resources. Each character has a unique skill set with special interactions and conditional effects. Learn what each of your allies can do, Chain together Arts for big damage, and manage your resources in order to come out on top.

– Multiple Endings and Choices

Your actions will decide the fate of these characters. Experience multiple endings depending on how you approach exploration and the story.



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