Saghala: Heroes of the Last World – Overview

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Saghala Heroes of the Last World

One of my weakest points is pixel art. Give me an appealing pixel art style, and I will do hell for you. That’s why I write about Saghala: Heroes of the Last World. A post-apocalyptic survival Strategy RPG developed by indie dev KovalGames with a lovely pixel art style and some promising features. I played the demo available on Steam, and below, I give you some info about what to expect from this promising indie RPG.

In-Game Background story

The year is 2081, and humanity is facing the consequences of a nuclear world war that happened 60 years. Earth is now called Saghala, and four factions fight for its last fusion reactor called The Core.


Saghala: Heroes of the Last World offers features from various genres. Players impersonate a character chosen from one of the four factions available, free to move inside the world map using a top-down view, going around collecting materials and items, taking on quests, and exploring vaults and dungeons. Management and strategy are things as players must produce five main resources to develop the shelter and build new structures.

Saghala World Map

The combat system presents quite basic (at least the one I tried during the demo gameplay) card-based mechanics where each card has a cost to be used, and players can utilize heal cards and attack cards.

Key features

  • 4 factions (Brotherhood of Atom, Flaming Skull, Worshipers and Mutants)
  • 4 bioms (Underground, Deadly Plants, Wasteland and Greenlands)
  • You will be able to explore inside of buildings/shelters!
  • Manage your settlement – you will be able to upgrade buildings and build new ones.
  • Collection and production – in the game you will manage 5 main resources: Coins, Food, Wood, Steel and Scrap.
  • CRAFT NEW COMBAT CARDS for your Hero!
  • Random characters, settlers, traders, bandits and more.
  • Upgrades, weapons and items to find during your adventure.
  • NPCs in the game may have a lot of side missions
  • for you to complete… with someblack humor 😉
  • Once a week your settlement may be attacked by the bandits from a Clan of Nomads.
  • The day and night system and the passing weeks.
  • Combat is built like a card game!
  • And more!

About the developer of Saghala

Behind KovalGames there is a solo Poland dev called Lucas, who has been in game dev since 2010 and previously worked on a platform game called DARK MINUTE: Kira’s Adventure. Saghala is his second work.

Combat system

Release date & Platforms

Saghala project is still in work and is expected sometime in 2023 on Pc via Steam.


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