Save the dream world from pillows in Dream Tactics

Written by Marcello TBL

Dream Tactics

Dream Tactics is a Card-Based tactic turn-based RPG developed by indie dev Spectra Entertainment Inc. where players will guide various units, each with their own classes and deck inside square grid-based maps. Actually in development and with no release date yet, but a lengthy demo is available on Steam.

Dream Tactics

Background Story

Dream Tactics put players inside a magical fantasy and dreamy world. The main hero, Neru, and her friends must save the world of Dreams against a strange and little bit fun menace, pillows, ugly and infamous Pillow Legion. Everything is told in a light-hearted and funny way.

Exploration & Combat System

During the demo, the exploration is reduced to following the obligatory path and interacting with some destructible elements to find coins and chests with equipment.

Where the game shines, is in its tactical combat system. Players will move their units inside square grid-based maps. The team turns will alternate with enemy turns, so it does mean that players will be able to move every single unit in the order preferred.

Units have a movement action and points that allow using the owned cards. Each unit has its deck, but players can trade cards with one another. What you need to pay attention to is the affinity of a card to the characteristics of the hero as a card that scales on Strength will obviously be more suitable for a fighter than a magician and so on. In any case, having some cards reversed can give some more options; for example, to a magician who has to face an enemy with strong magic resistance or vice versa.

Dream Tactics Steam

Besides the deck, each character has equipment points that allow him to use weapons and items to gain bonuses in battle. The more the hero levels up, the more points he will gain.

Graphic and Sound & UI

Dream Tactics shows off fantastic pixel graphics, a tribute, as also declared by the developers, to the era of the GBA. The UI is awesome, and by clicking the shift button, you can always have all the information needed about something or card skills. Everything is pleasantly accompanied by nice background music and engaging sound effects.

Definitely a game to try for all lovers of RPG tactics, and card-based games, and its RPG nature makes it worth a try even for those looking to stay away from card-based games. Inside the Youtube Channel (and below), you can find the “Overview in a few minutes” and the demo gameplay.


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