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Soulash RPG

Soulash is a fantasy roguelike where you take the role of a forgotten god set on destroying the world & with a Kickstarter Campaign ready to start soon.


In-Game Background Story

You were once the god-king of the Dreamworld, but a new pantheon of gods dethroned you. Mortals have forgotten about you. The divines drained your soul of its incredible power. As you diminished, your chains were no longer able to hold you. You escaped into the mortal realm seeking revenge and destruction. No deity has set foot here for eons, but you changed everything. Soon new gods will come for you, and the world will burn.


Soulash is a traditional roguelike with turn-based gameplay, permadeath, ASCII graphics (optional pixel art version in the works, demo just released). It features a top-down view with grid-based movement, and it’s about world destruction, gathering souls of mortals, and battling other gods.

Ascii RPG

Key Features

  • Semi-random big, open world of over 700k tiles, the world has a destructible terrain and is fully persistent, which means all the battlefields will leave a story with burned houses, rotten grass, bloodied corpses, and broken swords lying around.
  • A dynamic weather system that affects the combat situation.
  • Loot system with randomized prefixes, suffixes, and artifacts giving access to unique abilities. Every NPC spawns with random gear during world creation, and everything used will be dropped on death.
  • Multiple races and professions with intersecting abilities allowing to build unique characters.

About The Developer

Wizards of the Code is a one-person company established in Bialystok, Poland, and owned by Artur Smiarowski, specializing in web and game development. He has no formal CS degree, but He gained experience in the field by working with multiple tech companies in web development and creating games as a hobby since 2008. The first commercial game he released was called Annihilation, it was a web-based MMORPG released in 2009 for the polish market. Recently He has partnered with Urszula “Xiclu” Kempa, a talented artist to bring Soulash to a broader audience with a new pixel-art graphics mode.

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Release date / Platforms

Soulash released as an alpha on 21 June 2019 on is scheduled to release as a 1.0 stable version in 2022 on Steam and Itch. Only the Windows platform is currently supported.


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