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Space Cats Tactics – Overview

Space Cats Tactics is a tactical turn-based game with space explorations. It combines FTL + XCOM + Divinity Original Sin. Oh and the heroes are a feline race!

Space Cats Tactics

In-Game Background story

You are a team of mercenaries that got a job to smuggle the Curiosity, an advanced ship to the outer parts of the universe while being hunted by the corporation you stole the ship from.


Created by a solo developer, Space Cats Tactics is a tactical turn-based RPG space adventure combining inside ship crew management from games like FTL and Star Command Galaxies with grid-based fighting from games like XCOM and Divinity Original Sin.

In Space Cats Tactics every encounter has a variety of outcomes and impacts your destiny, choose wisely. You can be a righteous hero or vengeful pirate, use diplomacy, or escape gun blazing.


Key features

  • Story-driven space exploration, //experience full of conversations and choices
  • Tactical fights between your ship and others
  • Using action points to perform attacks and abilities on the grid
  • Zoom in and out of the ship on the same scene in real-time
  • Manage your cat crew to adjust room combination for each tactical situation
  • Buy and upgrade rooms to gain new abilities

About the developer

A solo developer working on the game for 4 years in his free time. Going to Kickstarter on the 01/06/2020. He created a one-man studio called Mitzi Games.

Official website: https://www.spacecatstactics.com/
Kickstarter page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1480122002/space-cats-tactics
Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/SpaceCatsTactics/

Release date & platforms

Space Cats Tactics will be released in the summer of 2021 on Steam PC. And from the 1st of June 2020, a Kickstarter campaign will be live. Below some screenshots and the gameplay trailer.

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