Spies & Soldiers – Overview

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Spies and Soldiers

Spies & Soldiers is a fast-paced strategy game that plays out across beautiful watercolor maps of your unique kingdom.


The game is a two-player, turn-based digital board game, based on simple mechanics from which complex strategies arise. Each match has a randomly generated world map, so every game is different.

In-Game background story

Seize control of castles and cities as your empire expands across each new world, but be sure to keep in mind the balance of power as things can change quickly from one moment to the next.

Gameplay info

Spies & Soldiers is a low fantasy strategy game with procedural content and simple mechanics, providing a hit of pure strategy gameplay without the overwhelming complexity often associated with the genre.

There are two primary systems: military strength and subterfuge. To grow an empire and win, players must carefully balance both elements. Because a fresh map is created for each game, players also need to adapt their strategies to each new world.

Military strength is represented by Soldiers. They are straightforward and effective, relying on strength of numbers, and are used to take control of the castles that are needed to win. Soldiers combine to form armies, and battles are won by the largest army in a region.

Subterfuge is the domain of Spies. They are more complex than Soldiers, dealing with hidden information, surprise, and paranoia. Spies are used to taking control of cities, which provide the action points needed to power all activities. They can also turn the tide of battle, assassinate other spies, sabotage castle defenses, and more. A spy’s effectiveness is determined by its rank, with the most highly ranked spy in a region having the upper hand. Working from the shadows, spies are hidden and can only be seen by an enemy spy of superior rank.


Game Key features

  • Online head-to-head multiplayer.
  • Simple mechanics and complex strategies.
  • Fast-paced gameplay.
  • Simultaneous turns.
  • Procedural maps.
  • Single player practice mode.

About developers

Ghostbat Games is a small team working out of Melbourne, Australia, founded by brothers Jim and Ben Batt. They have been creating games together since they were kids, whether hacking systems together from cardboard and tokens or programming simulations on the monochrome screen of the family’s first computer. Having worked separately in the game industry for many years, it felt like the time had come to use that experience and return to making games of their own. Spies & Soldiers is the first step on a larger journey toward a series of interlinked strategy games.

Official website: http://www.spiesandsoldiers.com
Discord channel: https://discord.gg/VA9nq53

Spies & Soldiers release date & platforms

Release Date: Early 2021 / Platform: Steam PC / Mac / Linux. Below the trailer


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3 thoughts on “Spies & Soldiers – Overview”

  1. Single player practice mode means do not buy this game if you only want to play single player. The AI will be just competent enough to walk you through the game, but no challenge for multiple single player sessions..

    • Hey Max! You’re observation is very astute. Currently our game is primarily a head-to-head multiplayer game. We are a small team, so have kept the focus on that aspect of the design. While our AI is still very much in development, we do intended for it to provide a good challenge.

      However, as we are getting more feedback from our beta testers we are seeing a lot of enthusiasm for for a more detailed singe player mode.

      We recently figured out a design approach that might allow us to add a more engaging campaign mode to the game for final release. The game will always be primarily a multiplayer one, but we are excited to try and incorporate a stronger single player aspect as well!


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