Tales of a Spymaster – Overview

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Tales of a Spymaster

Break from the traditional role of ruler and take up a new set of tools within Tales of a Spymaster, a turn-based strategy set in a fictional world, filled with threats and opportunities. Choose your kingdom and guide your ruler to victory, in whatever manner you deem fit.

Tales of a Spymaster

Background Story

Tales of a Spymaster is set in a fictional medieval world, where 8 kingdoms vie for control. The game is set after a great war where an empire has fallen and out of its ashes, these 8 kingdoms have arisen and they now fight for control. Each kingdom has a significant amount of writing done for them and it can be read by the player before they start the campaign, but this history merely creates a setting for the player to tell their own story of how they guide their kingdom to victory or defeat.

Tales of a Spymaster

Gameplay details

Tales of a Spymaster tries to break from the tradition of playing as the ruler, and puts the player in a different role, the Spymaster. You act as a right hand to the King/Queen and advise their actions. The key concept here is trust, if they do not trust you then they will ignore your advice and listen to members of the royal court who may be under the influence of others. Knowing each kingdom within the game has a Spymaster, you must always be wary of threats, both internal and external.

Tales of a Spymaster

Investigation, blackmail, assassination, kidnapping and more are all tools of your trade. You can hire mercenaries, saboteurs and spies to aid in your ventures. The player can also build up their own income through construction of brothels, inns, taverns, ports and more.

If all else fails, you can even dabble in darker things like experimental poisons and virulent plagues, and try target the population directly! After all, every army comes from the people. But take great care in dealing with these and always remember that a ruler with nobody to rule, is no ruler at all.

Key features:

  • Advise the Monarch to attack, defend, improve relations, and invest.
  • Over 200+ conquerable locations.
  • Compete with the royal court for the trust of your Monarch.
  • Use agents to perform blackmail, sabotage, assassination, theft.
  • Unleash poisons and plagues upon your enemies.
  • Build taverns, inns, brothels and more to help fuel your ventures.
  • Investigate kingdom histories and try to uncover the secrets of the past.
  • Combat the elements with seasons and random events like storms and volcanic eruptions.
  • All players & AI take their turn at the same time in secret. No traditional Round Robin system here.
Tales of a Spymaster

About developer

Clack Clack Games actually is a one-man indie studio. Gerard, the founder, is a hobbyist games developer outside of his work as a software engineer in Ireland. Tales of a Spymaster started as a small project inspired by a night in playing board games and over the 2.5 years of development, it has grown significantly in scope. Gerard has enough extra free content planned for the game post-release to keep him busy for a long time.
You can follow updates on his twitter channel.

Release date and platforms

Release Date: The game will go to Early Access in May 2019 and maybe will be full released before Christmas, but no promises there. 
Platforms: Windows/Mac/Linux
Languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Norwegian, Swedish.

Below you will find a video trailer and link to their steam page. For other promising turn-based games take a look at our overview section.


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